You don’t know how to use puffer fish in minecraft

Pufferfish or pufferfish in Minecraft Just like in real life. But many do not know everything How to use Pufferfish in Minecraft.

How to use Pufferfish in Minecraft

Make food for the wolves

Puffer fish can be a food source for wolves in Minecraft
Puffer fish can be a food source for wolves in Minecraft

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you can use leftover pufferfish to feed wolf pups. Puffer fish heals this creature. On the other hand, this action also does not reduce the growth of wolf cubs in Minecraft.

Bucket of fish balls

Many players do not know that they can drop a puffer fish into a bucket. These populations are found in groups 1 to 4 in marine or warm water biomes.

Ideally, just swim up to a puffer fish, and then drop it into the bucket. After you successfully catch a puffer, you will see a bucket of fish on the screen. After that, the Minecraft Pufferfish will be in this water block.

Puffer bucket in minecraft
Puffer bucket in minecraft

Make water breathing potions

One of the most popular ways to use pufferfish in Minecraft is to make underwater breathing potions.

At the potion counter, combining a pufferfish with an accord potion creates a potion that gives you the ability to breathe underwater. This potion is useful when fighting sea monsters or trying to build underwater structures.

Water breathing potion with puffer fish in minecraft
Water breathing potion with puffer fish in minecraft

Recommendations for use in cats

Although the pufferfish doesn’t have many uses, it is useful in some Minecraft levels. You’ll be happy to know that giving your kids chubby fish will make them jump off beds, lists, and more.

In particular, puffer fish shortens the cat’s development time to adulthood.


In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, fishermen agree to trade one to four pufferfish for one emerald. Also, a normal fisherman buys 4 puffer fish for 1 emerald in Minecraft Java version

Above is how to use Pufferfish in Minecraft. How do you use this fish in minecraft? Share with offline readers!

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