Winter Legion Great War 2021 Schedule

Winter Legion War 2021 An annual free fire tournament is held every 2 years. It is a tournament with a very high prize and is a rubbing ground for many young talents, creating a lot of talent for e-sports in the country.

Winter Legion War 2021

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Winter Legion Great War 2021 Schedule

After a long wait, the Great War of the Winter Legion 2021 has officially begun. This is the most epic tournament in late 2021 for Free Fire players. This year’s Winter Legion Battle has a total prize pool of up to 400 million VND. Apart from extremely high rewards, it is a high-quality playground for players to practice and train their skills for other purposes.

Reward structure

The total prize of this tournament will reach 400 million VND. Specifically, the award includes:

  • champion team: 150 million VND
  • runner up: 75 million VND
  • Rank 3: VND 35 million
  • Rank 4-6: 20 million
  • Ranks 7-19: 15 million
  • Rank 10-12: 10 million
  • Finals MVP: 5 million

Game Schedule

  • Open registration: 25.10 to 2.11
  • Provincial Eligibility: 7.11
  • Domain Eligibility: 14.11
  • Group Stage: From 3.12 to 12.12
  • End: 25.12

The detailed schedule will be updated as soon as the official information about the list of participating teams is received.

Update at 13:30 - 11/09/2022
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