Where and how to use Redcrest in Genshin Impact

Under Genshin’s influence, Redcrest A local fruit of Sumeru. That’s it Where and how to use Redcrest to play Genshin Impact.

The genshin effect Gacha is one of the most popular games nowadays. Despite rumors of plagiarism, Genshin Impact has not lost its charm due to its interesting gameplay and is constantly being added again after each update.

Apart from missions, exploring the world and making delicious food, served to upgrade characters or equipment also excites the players. It can be said that the plant world in the game is very rich, such as Helix Daisy, Dandelion, Red Fruit and so on. Each species has its own uses.

In the latest update to Genshin Impact, miHoyo released a new fruit – Redcrest. Here’s what you need to know Redcrest while playing Genshin Impact.

How to get Redcrest in Genshin Impact

Redcrest only grows in the Sumer Desert region, so you need to go there first. Then look for the cactus with the red fruit. Each cactus has one or two fruits. This fruit is very prominent so the player can easily see it when approaching the redcrest.

You can also mark the locations where Genshin Impact occurs on the Redcrest minimap. Then return to these locations for more red crests when this fruit appears after 48 hours.

Redcrest location map in Genshin Impact

Redcrest situation under Genshin effect

Redcrest cacti occur throughout arctic deserts. To collect it you must visit the following locations:

  • Aru Village
  • A carousel is a hill
  • Dune of Illusion
  • Oasis of Sobek
  • Magma Dune
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You will find many cacti around towns and villages. Cactus is found near the teleport point in the desert. You cannot buy or plant this fruit in the current version of Genshin Impact.

Redcrest fruit in Sumeru

How to use Redcrest in Genshin Impact

Redcrest Genshin Impact is the new level material. This Sumerian special fruit can be used to level up the new water-type 4-star character – Candace. You need a total of 168 cacti to complete all 6 levels and upgrade to the max

Use Redcrest to level up new characters

Currently, you don’t need to eat, cook, or level weapons in Genshin Impact. But perhaps in the next updates of Genshin Impact, new characters or recipes will require this beautiful fruit. Genshin Impact makes no sense. Therefore, you need to collect and save as many Redcrests as possible.

Update at 15:12 - 26/08/2023
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