What is the specialty of DJ Alok in Free Fire?

DJ offers One of the main characters of Free Fire. And here are 3 reasons why you should buy it DJ offers For the best free fire experience.

Free Fire DJ Offer

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Highlights of the DJ offer on Garena Free Fire

DJ lighting skills

  • Skills: beat beat
  • Skill Type: active

Drop the Beat is an active skill called DJ Light that creates a 5m radius aura to increase allies’ movement speed by 10%. Additionally, it regenerates 5HP/s for 5 seconds.

At highest level, at level 6, light ability increases speed by 15% and heals allies by 1HP/s for 10 seconds.

Drop skill pieces to free fire

DJ Alok is a multi-talent on the battlefield

One of the reasons many Free Fire players now want to own DJ Lite is the great versatility When it comes to versatility, no character can beat Alok This feature is perfect for both passive and aggressive play styles.

For the uninitiated, players who want to attack in Clash Squad mode can accelerate and heal while running towards their opponents. On the other hand, passive players can use Alok’s skill to drop any match or quickly recover in the middle of a fight.

You can use light skills in mid, close and long range combat.

DJ Alok's fighting skills in Free Fire

Perfect combination of all skill combinations

Last but not least, why should you buy Free Fire DJ Lite now? Because he is the best choice for any combination of skills. From speed to healing skills, they add significant power to all other characters.

Below are some suggestions:

Wake up Hayato

Despite being a free-to-play character, Hayato’s awakening skill is extremely useful in battle. Whenever he loses 10% of his HP, he gains armor penetration and reduces frontal damage. This feature can wipe out many players, giving you the upper hand at crucial moments.

the lion

Leon’s ability restores HP after a fight. By having a passive skill, Leon can synergize with almost every other skill in the game, from melee to ranged. Buzzer Beater is very effective against chip damage – the combination of Buzzer Beater and EP can help end the game quickly.

The best characters to pair with Leon are Crono, Alok, K, and Jota His skills in chaotic team fights, especially Jota, have since received a significant buff in Free Fire OB29. You can gain HP while fighting Zota and then gain more HP with Leon after exiting. You can double the healing and skills like Xayne or Kapella.

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