What is the OC of Gacha Club? All you need to know about Gacha Club OC

Gacha Club The latest version of the popular fashion game Gacha Life. Like other games in the same genre, Gacha Club It offers character customization, mods, mini-games and more. The article provides all you need to know OC of Gacha Club the game

What is the OC of Gacha Club? All you need to know about Gacha Club OC

  • What is Gacha Club?
  • What is the OC of Gacha Club?
  • How to OC Gacha Club
    • Select a preset
    • Choose a body shape for Gacha Club OC
    • Gacha OC Face Customization
    • Create a fashion sense for the character
    • Add items, pets and items to increase your character’s power
    • Create a style for Gacha Club OC
  • Know some tips while doing Gacha Club OC

What is Gacha Club?

What is Gacha Club?

Developed by Lunime, Gacha Club is a new fashion game released for free on Android. Coming to Gacha Club, you can create new characters, add them to your team, customize outfits and provide unique power sources, poses, equipment, pets… for your favorite character. Gacha Club characters are divided into different systems including Water, Air, Fire, Light, Darkness, DJ.

You can choose from presets or design your own images for character outfits, tops, hairstyles, weapons to pants and more. In particular, many interesting mini-games for Gacha Club players to unlock special outfits, story mode to fight monsters, DJ showdowns to play music… what’s better? Download the Gacha Club game and find out for yourself.

  • Download Gacha Club for Android
  • Download Gacha Club for PC via BlueStacks

What is the OC of Gacha Club?

What is the OC of Gacha Club?

OC stands for original character, so, OC of Gacha Club That is, the main character, Gacha Club. The preset for the main screen character is an OC designed by Gacha Club. You can’t create an original character using a preset or making minor changes.

You can do one OC of Gacha Club And add to a particular story in a way that represents your imagination and creativity and even your personal style. Like a character in a movie, TV or book, your OC should be unique with their own personality, skills and abilities.

How to OC Gacha Club

To create a Gacha Club OC, one has to be creative from the start. Open the Gacha Club game on your phone and follow these steps:

Select a preset

Gacha Club OC.  predetermined

Tap the button predetermined > Choose your favorite character as the basis of the OC. You can choose between different presets by touching the corresponding icon at the bottom right of the screen (just next to the right-pointing arrow).

If you want to start from scratch, you can choose ‘Female default‘or’Default child‘ from the preset screen.

Choose your OC character

Choose a body shape for Gacha Club OC

You can customize your character’s body shape by tapping on the tab the body above Here, you will find many character customization options including icon, skin, height, pose, head size, rotation and shadow.

Choose a body for a Gacha Club character

  • Character icon: You can choose from 14 different icons available in Gacha Club and edit them with your favorite skin tone and border color.
  • Posture: You have 600 poses to choose from categories such as standing, walking, running, crouching, sitting, sleeping, jumping/flying, fighting, dancing, playing musical instruments, transforming… Make your Gacha Club OC pose right. She likes this.
  • height: You can choose letter height from 20 different sizes.
  • Other settings: You can adjust other small details of body shape in Gacha Club OC including head size, rotation, head rotation, shadow, hand layout.

Gacha OC Face Customization

After completing the body part, you can continue to change the face part by touching the tab the boss above

Character customization in Gacha Club OC

You have the following options:

  • Preset: Choose a favorite facial expression. Most eyes are selected through tabs Head > Presets. Gacha Club offers 40 character expressions.
Choose the eye style for the Gacha Club character

  • Hair: Like other fashion games, Gacha Club not only lets you choose a hairstyle for the front, but also has over 800 different styles for the back, ponytail, beard. Besides, you can choose hair color from base color, light color, highlight…
  • Eyes: You can choose from over 125 unique versions of anime eyes to use on your character OC of Gacha Club. Not only that, you can change your eyelashes and eyebrows with the style and color of your choice.
Choose the eye style for the Gacha Club character

  • Face: In face tab, you can tune OC face in Gacha Club by choosing type of nose, mouth, blush, chin, corner of eyes, gloss…
Choose a face for a Gacha Club character

Create a fashion sense for the character

Now comes the main part of fashion game – clothes. It determines your appearance in Gacha Club OC when you use different combinations according to attributes and skills.

Choose an outfit for a Gacha Club OC character

  • Upper-lower part: Scroll through the top and bottom tabs of the clothing section to choose a clothing style that fits the OC You can customize shirts, sleeves, belts, jackets, pants, socks to know how to dress in the OC.
  • Accessories and hats: In this category, you can add hats, glasses, scarves, beauty accessories, etc.
  • other extras: In another tab, you can choose to add Cap, Wings, Tail, Gloves. In the Additional tab, you have the option to customize the Gacha Club OC’s shoulders, knees, and wrists.
Select a level for Gacha Club OC character

Add items, pets and items to increase your character’s power

Basically, after completing the above steps, your Gacha Club OC game is ready to roll. Now it’s time to add intricate details to the character by adding equipment, effects, pets and more. Tap the tab other At the top of the screen and choose a set of unique accessories for OC

  • Props: You can add various accessories and shields to both OC hands from over 300 different options.
  • effect: Apply more than 100 different effects around Gacha Club OC.
Gacha Club OC Character Accessories

  • Controlled animals: You can choose from 20 different animals including dogs, squirrels, pets, aliens, snails, sharks… Animals can also be customized as OCs with different colors, positions, shades and shadows.
Choose a pet for the Gacha Club character

  • thing: You can add new objects around the OC environment such as chairs, lights, bicycles, balls, spaceships and more.
Other selection items for Gacha Club OC

Create a style for Gacha Club OC

Give your character a cool name and create a background around him by tapping the tab profile above You can enter your name, date of birth, age and choose your favorite character, club, title and other additional details. Character traits include favorite color, food/drink, location, personality, and occupation.

Create a persona for OC in Gacha Club

Know some tips while doing Gacha Club OC

  • Do not use very bright colors: In Gacha Club it’s a good idea to show off your character, but excessive use of pops of color is absolutely not necessary, especially on the body. The suggestion here is that you use bright colors sparingly to create accents for the character.
  • Select the correct color for the OC: It is very important, significantly affecting others or not affecting the results of creating behavior. You can leave one space for the contrasting color, and the rest for other accent colors. Do not use the same color on 2 components for OC.

Character of Gacha Club

  • Don’t add too many accessories to the outfit: Obviously, this complicates the overall look of the character. The purpose of playing Gacha Club OC is to create a unique and beautiful look for the character. In fact, you should only add requirements when necessary.
  • Add a career and personality that fits the image of the OC: What makes your character style more impressive to others.

Suggest some simple Gacha Club OC design ideas

school uniform

Gacha club school uniform

Gacha Club is specially designed for children. So you better wear a school uniform for a gacha OC character. Choose an elegant shirt, pants or skirt with matching accessories like shoes, tie. You can design or choose Korean uniform style if you want.

Beautiful gothic dress

Gothic clothing for Gacha Club characters

Gothic style has become a popular trend in fashion games and Gacha Club is no exception. You can wear the game in dark colors for the OC, mostly black with detailed accessories for a unique look. You can also get inspiration from the rotten characters of Gacha Club units and then design your own by changing accessories and clothing pieces.

vintage clothes

If you like country style, you can get ideas from old movies or watch clips of famous country singers like Taylor Swift. This style brings a gentle and feminine beauty to the character.

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