Water Planet latest code 06/2023

You are tired wishing for myself a game to entertain then play now Water Planet. This is a game attractive of theme Arcade, for levels age USK: All ages.

Water Planet gets a lot gamers installed with 100K+ downloads, is rated 3.6 Starred by gamer. Like other games, players can to use gift code free to race to the top easily more.

GameRoobie has compiled the latest gift code Water Planet 06/2023 and how to add code exact to get rewards free and many equipment precious in Water Planet.

VIEW GIFT CODE NEW NOW (Updated 2/06/2023)

Code Water Planet latest.

Publisher APPIDEA Capital LTD donate readers GameRoobie many gift code value on the occasion of game play Arcade Water Planet update.

3FD320A ADD code give 200 Token (New)
3D9C531 Import giftcode give 30 items
274B165 Change code get 300 Coins
12F7A91 ADD giftcode yes 100 Diamond
4B584E4 Change code reward 30 Coins
289ABD Import code yes Token
DAC549 ADD giftcode receive 30 Coins
1E88F57 ADD giftcode reward 10 Gold
219AA1A Import giftcode yes Diamond
46BAA47 Change code reward 200 Diamond
5D753B0 Change giftcode reward 30 Coins
5CD44B8 Import giftcode yes 400 Diamond
360F214 ADD code get 100 Gold
365B367 Import code receive 10 Diamond
47513B9 Change code get 30 items
F13933 ADD code receive 200 Diamond
25438CD Add giftcode get 400 Coins
57D5EC4 Change code get 300 Diamond
A62A8D ADD giftcode receive 30 items
7F8E75 ADD code give 40 Gold
18D395E Change code get 30 Diamond
38296 Import code reward 10 Token
34BA297 Import code yes 40 items
5EDE868 ADD code reward 10 Coins
97B87C Import code receive 300 items
1A76612 ADD giftcode reward 30 Gold

Waiting adding more…

Gift Code Water Planet older.

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Coupon Code Water Planet beginner.

  • 5C7635C
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Coupon Code Water Planet event.

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Tutorial how to add Gift Code game Water Planet.

Step 1: Login home Water Planet

Step 2: Login where enter Coupon Code Water Planet

Step 3: Enter correct Gift Code game Water Planet

Updating details…

Description Water Planet.

Deep within the galaxy many light years from Earth, a lone Andromedan spaceship is cruising towards home, passing by a seemingly uninhabited water planet. What they didn’t know was that the great and evil Zharor has set his target sights on their ship with the intent to capture a human being for experimentation!

With destructive force, a giant laser emanated from the planet and struck the Andromedan pirate spaceship. All of her crew was forced to evacuate and landed in the water. Evil creature Zharor captured everyone except for one. Will the lone survivor fail in his quest to save his friends, or will he become a great hero that saves the day? It’s up to you to decide!

An epic Waterworld adventure awaits! Join one hero in his ultimate quest to free his captive space mates from the nefarious clutches of Zharor! But first, he has to traverse unique, colorful watery worlds full of dangerous obstacles and fish and collect coins for upgrading his mini-spaceship. Each stage presents a different challenge, so in order to survive you must think fast and have lightning-quick reflexes.

Upgrade your clunky basic spaceship into a super-ship that can stand against the might of the evil Zharor! Spend the coins towards more nitrous boosts, more engine power and torque. Replace your aging ship propellers and you might just have a fighting chance against electrifying jellyfishes, spiky creatures and massive monsters in a race to save your helpless and captive team!

Acquire more powerful and varying ships each time you play. Different underwater ships present different ways to play. Power through the stage using a brawny spaceship, or zip through obstacles with ease using the speedy ship. What’s important is to keep your eyes on the path ahead, and forge through increasingly difficult stages for a shot at becoming the legendary being who escaped the domain of the evil creature Zharor.

Save your crew and you’ll have a chance to use them for the later stage battles. You’ll never be alone in your quest to save the day! Simply touch the game screen to go higher, and release it to get lower. Go forward and evade nasty creatures looking to end your mission, collect coins, and try to move forward and beat your own high score. Upgrade your ship for better maneuverability and better engine thrust, or complete missions to further your quest. It’s up for you to decide!

The simple controls are easy to learn, but beware- you’ll need all your skills to get to the end levels and face the evil Zharor. The one-touch controls make it easy to play in quick bursts during breaks, on commute or while you lay back on your bed. The gameplay is so addictive that you might spend sleepless nights racing through the obstacles in your quest to escape the watery world and to get home in one piece.

So don your air-breathing helmet, strap yourself in the spaceship and prepare for a wild ride. Make Zharor pay for what he did in capturing your friends. Immerse yourself in the watery world of Waterplanet and become the master of your own destiny!

Link download game Water Planet: Download here

New feature of Water Planet.

Image Water Planet .

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Question about Coupon Code Water Planet

Users given lots of questions regarding code Water Planet, GameRoobie had list below here, if comrades encounter it, please follow the instructions.

What is Code Water Planet?

You imagine coupon code Water Planet are code gift do Offered APPIDEA Capital LTD given to gamer game , help player can equip other items in game play}.

Please promo code Water Planet new?

In this post, code Water Planet will be updated continuously regularly when there is coupon code new for comrades to use. disciples save post, regularly access to have more code more.

Expiry date coupon code Water Planet?

Each code Water Planet has different expiry, you won’t be able to tell it’s gift code live for duration how long. Expiry date of each promo code will depends on event taking place, can be days or days, even hours. Friends should take advantage of use quickly before promo code expires expiry!

Why promo code Water Planet doesn’t work?

Majority, code Water Planet remains using for months. However after a while, the developers delete the code. This usually happens in a large game game. However, disciples please note the following things when conduct enter gift code.

– Code is case sensitive.

– To add best, disciples just copy Code in the table above and paste into the Code input box in game instead of manual.

Me add coupon code Water Planet no reward?

Some user fill giftcode again see code Water Planet is incorrect or error due to expired date. But the majority has mainly reasons why giftcode doesn’t exactly that is you |you} don’t fill correct giftcode.

Me can use this giftcode multiple times?

No! disciples can only be used once for a certain account.

When is the latest code Water Planet available?

Actually, there is currently no release date for the latest code Water Planet specifically which date is for gamers, so you will have to save this web and check regularly. Admin will work hard update code so that friends enter and get item.

When enter giftcode Water Planet succeeds me what to do?

No need to do anything, reward will be transferred to acc’s gamer right away immediately. If not yes get item ie means you have entered code or giftcode has expired date exists okay.


Above is the latest code Water Planet giftcode most correct to get more gifts value in game.

Hope article will help you have a great experience. If you have difficulty in manipulation, please comment below this article.

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