Vampire Survivors: Weapon Evolution Guide

Vampire Survivors A unique survival game with an interesting weapon evolution system. Let’s find out with How to craft weapons in Vampire Survivor Please!

Weapon evolution in Vampire Survivors is not difficult
Weapon evolution in Vampire Survivors is not difficult

Vampire survival is an evolutionary process It allows the player to upgrade certain weapons. To do this, you need to fulfill some conditions first.

How Vampire Survivors Weapons Evolve

Players must meet three requirements to craft Vampire Survivors weapons, including:

  • Reach level 8 with upgraded weapons.
  • Accessories included – accessories related to weapon evolution.
  • Open the inventory after the timer reaches 10:00.

Although these terms are simple, the secondary evolution of Vampire Survivors weapons can confuse many people. Here is a detailed description of how the development works and the accessories that come with it:

weapons accessories evolution
the whip empty heart Tears of Blood (critical damage and HP drain).
magic wand empty tome Holy Wand (Light without delay.)
the knife Bracer Thousand Edges (Burning without delay.)
the ax chandelier Death Spiral (Throws at enemies.)
Cross Clover Sword of Heaven (Does heavy damage.)
King Bible Spellbinder Holy Vespers (Never ends.)
Fire wand vegetable Hellfire (Cuts through enemies.)
garlic ball game Soul Eater (Increases HP recovery ability.)

Hints to find a treasure in Vampire Survivor
Hints to find a treasure in Vampire Survivor

How to Create a Vampire Survivor Union

You can now create a fusion between Pichon and Ebony Wing in Vampire Survivor, creating a Vondaliar. This weapon combines Pichon and Ebony Wing attacks. Details on how to do this are as follows:

  1. Survive for 10 minutes and unlock Peachone.
  2. Take Peachone to level 7 and unlock the Ebony Wing.
  3. Bring Peachone and Ebony Wings to level 8 to create Bandalia.
Update at 9:59 - 18/03/2023
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