Vampire Survivors: How to Survive in 30 Minutes

in Vampire Survivors, Reaper appears in 30 minutes, hard to survive. The guidelines below will help you live as long as possible Vampire Survivors.

A reaper battle between vampire survivors
A reaper battle between vampire survivors

When the clock hits 30:00 in Vampire Survivor, a Reaper will appear and try to end your life immediately. However, you have a way to counter their attacks.

How to Survive 30 Minutes in Vampire Survivor

Since Reapers are overwhelming in Vampire Survivor, try to avoid their attacks as much as possible if you want to spend 30 minutes. Here are some tips to help:

Weapons and accessories

To play more than 30 minutes in Vampire Survivor, you need to fully upgrade the Clock Lancet and Laurel when reaching the final stage.

  • Clock Lancet allows you to temporarily freeze enemies.
  • Laurel saves you from death, unscathed by several Reaper attacks.

Also, if possible, try to craft the full armor of Vampire Survivors, including the Empty Tome (both item enhancements) and the Spellbinder (Lancet enhancement).

On the other hand, you will also get benefits from garlic. They lower Reaper’s resistance, strengthen and boost Wings’ stats.

He ran and turned off the light

After equipping the necessary items for the vampire survivor character, run straight, try to avoid every reaper on the road and turn off all the street lights. Some of these lights are expected to drop Orologion, which freezes enemies for 10 seconds, which lasts longer. In general, the inline library would be a good choice to implement this technique. This will help you on your way to the most effective Reaper Fever.

Here’s how to last as long as possible, especially after 30 minutes of play Vampire Survivors. I hope the article is useful for you.

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Update at 14:42 - 21/08/2023
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