Vampire Survivors: How to Get the Stone Mask

The Stone Mask is a useful accessory for vampire survival. So, will guide you How to get Stone Mask while playing Vampire Survivor.

Stone Mask in Vampire Survivor
Stone Mask in Vampire Survivor

Vampire Survivors Increase the number of coins earned for the character. This makes gold a useful commodity for agriculture. The player does not get the Stone Mask as soon as they enter the game, but must unlock it first. good luck, How to unlock Stone Mask in Vampire Survivor is easy.

How to find Stone Mask in Vampire Survivor

per Unlock the Stone Mask in Vampire Survivor, the player only needs to find this item in one game. The first step is to understand how to access the inlay library level. When you reach level 20 in Mad Forest. Actually, the Stone Mask can only be found in the Inlaid Library. Therefore, players should first focus on how to unlock this second stage.

After opening the inlaid library, the player must choose one of the appropriate vampire survivor characters to enter the long stage. After that, start the game by walking to the right, avoiding the enemies as much as possible, keeping an eye on the upper wall. In particular, players should pay attention to the stone niche that sometimes appears because the stone mask can be located in the square in front of the oval table.

Stone masks aren't hard to find in Vampire Survivor
Stone masks aren’t hard to find in Vampire Survivor

unfortunately, Location of Stone Mask in Vampire Survivor It varies between games so some people see it first, others take longer. So, if the clock reaches 10:00, you don’t see the Stone Mask, don’t worry, go outside and start a new game. You can also search the hyper inlaid library if you have it unlocked as the increased character speed will definitely speed up the search process.

Early possession of good weapons will always help you Vampire Survivors So don’t be afraid to take it easy Stone Mask Vampire Survival As fast as possible! You can refer to how to craft weapons while playing Vampire Survivors on

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Update at 11:27 - 21/08/2023
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