Valorant: Detailed Neon Agent skill set

In the latest update, Valorant released a new champion: the neon. It’s a Filipino agent with high speed and the right skill set. Let’s find out about Neon’s skills in Valorant through the article below.

the neon

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Brave: Description of neon skills

Question – flash cluster

Fires a beam of neon energy that can jump once. Whenever it collides with the ground, it sends electricity into the ground and releases a shock wave that stuns the opponent.

Enter the e-number

Neon stores energy which greatly increases movement speed. After storing enough energy, he can use it to activate an electric slide.


C – High strength

Neon shot two streams of energy in front of him, creating two curtain walls. If enemies pass through this wall, they take damage and block vision.

the neon

X – Overload

Neon releases energy briefly and gathers it between his fingers to create high precision lightning bolts. Neon can move comfortably and focus without fear of getting lost.

the neon

Above is the skill set of Neon – Valorant’s new hero. We hope to champion this in the next update!

Update at 8:40 - 11/09/2022
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