Ultimate Minecraft: Top Most Useful Items to Collect

The end is a big world Minecraft It has many places to explore and interesting things to collect. That’s it Things you need to raise at the end of minecraft.

Finished in Minecraft Its final frontier Minecraft. It can only be obtained after the player defeats the Ender Dragon. The region consists of isolated islands in the voids of dark, rocky ridges.

Let’s list it The most useful thing in Minecraft is ultimately worth it Please!

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    Elytra in Minecraft

    Elytra Wings are premium items in Minecraft, which can only be found on the last ship. You will see them while passing through the towns in this area. It allows the player to hover and fly. Like the dragon’s head, Elytra also appears on the planes of later cities. You can use phantom membrane to fix this.

    Elytra can be left in inventory. By default, it is gray, but it looks like a cape when the player wears it His model does not change when damaged or enchanted

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    Shell tariff

    Shulker in Minecraft

    Compared to normal inventory, a custom box gives you more benefits. All items remain in custom cases even if broken. The player can save inventory duty boxes to increase his size.

    Creating a custom box is very easy. You only need 2 materials: wood for inventory and custom shells.

    Wood isn’t hard to collect, but custom shells are. They are only from tax collectors – a terrible crowd, found only in the last city. And to get it you have to defeat the Ender Dragon first.

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    Z ender

    Ender Gems in Minecraft

    An ender gem is an item dropped by an enderman. You can use it to teleport. This feature is always useful, allowing you to overcome difficult situations. Players can farm Ender Gems at the end of Minecraft. Endermen are often seen here.

    Also, Ender’s Gem has other benefits, such as finding castles, creating Ender’s Eye.

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    A chorus of flowers and fruits

    Fruit of the Heart in Minecraft

    Heartwood trees often grow and grow on the front islands. It includes wooden blocks and choir flowers. The player can plant these new plants by placing flowers on top stones.

    Breaking a heart tree will produce heart fruit in minecraft. You can do this to create an element for the last bar and the purple block.

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    Dragon’s Breath

    Dragon's Breath in Minecraft

    Dragon’s breath can be inhaled by placing the residue of Ender’s attack into an empty bottle. To do this, click to the right of the tank with the bottle in hand. With this method, in addition to the delicate process of gathering breath, the player can obtain dragon’s breath if desired.

Update at 13:20 - 07/10/2022
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