Tower of Fantasy Tips for Beginners

Fantasy Tower Like Genshin Impact. However, if you are just starting out, you need to know Fantasy Tower Tips Down for the quick.

How to play Tower of Fantasy for beginners

  • Disabled download capacity effect
  • Don’t just rely on the mini-map
  • Upgrade equipment and storage space
  • Disable the auto-ascend feature
  • Using the relic set

Disabled download capacity effect

Game Fantasy Tower

Flashy attacks and even their own little cutscenes are common in RPGs. Although they make players nervous in the early stages, especially when they are looking for the best way to create their favorite characters, later on, they often frustrate players by wasting time in the game.

Tower of Fantasy has an option to disable these cutscenes. Just go to the menu, then the main and camera options and turn off the skill discharge animation.

Don’t just rely on the mini-map

Don't just stick to Tower of Fantasy mini maps

Small maps are especially useful because they allow Tower of Fantasy players to look around without pausing the game or constantly jumping into menus while trying to navigate. The Tower of Fantasy mini-map is definitely useful, but you can’t ignore the regular map.

Like many other games, Tower of Fantasy’s mini-map shows a miniature version of the world, meaning the player cannot see things very far away. Because of this, supply pods or other targets can be easily overlooked. To avoid this, check the main map from time to time, especially when entering a new area. The award is well deserved.

Upgrade equipment and storage space

Fantasy tower equipment upgrade

Both devices and the device slot they are placed in can be improved throughout the game, and improving both is important. Those familiar with RPGs will immediately understand the basics of upgrading equipment: look for better stats and higher rarities. Upgrade both characters to the max.

Equipment only benefits the character while in use, while item placements provide permanent benefits as you progress. As such, slots represent permanent character development and require the same attention as tools. Whenever a player has enough resources to upgrade these slots, do so, as simply upgrading the best weapons for the character is not enough.

Disable the auto-ascend feature

Disable auto-ascend in Tower of Fantasy

The Basics tab in the main menu has another feature that newbies will notice: Auto Climb. This feature works exactly as the name suggests: it allows the player to automatically climb the appropriate surface when they are close enough without having to jump and manually activate the climbing action.

Whether or not to use this feature is up to the player’s choice. In some situations, auto climb can be useful, but many are easier to play at first. Tower of Fantasy has several narrow areas where players can accidentally get stuck on any adjacent wall when trying to navigate using the car’s climbing feature. To avoid unnecessary hangs, turn off.

Using the relic set

Use the ruins of the Tower of Imagination

Players can create three relic sets in Tower of Fantasy. You can approach these things in a variety of ways, but one of the best approaches for beginners is to have a relic set for movement, a damage set, and a puzzle set.

Each set of relics is dedicated to helping players tackle any challenge presented to them with ease, moving around, solving puzzles and defeating enemies without too much thought. Players can freely swap between Fantasy Tower Relic sets when not in combat, making things quick and easy.

above Fantasy Tower Game Tips Must know for newbies. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 12:20 - 10/09/2022
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