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Minecraft 1.19 He reached deep dark biomes and many ancient cities. That’s it Best old city seeds in minecraft.

The Ancient City is the most valuable building to explore in Minecraft. It contains many new blocks, treasures, spells and items. However, identifying them is a problem for many actors. To help you save time, has compiled the best Minecraft 1.19 Old City Seeds.

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    Old City Citadel (Java)

    Fort in the old town

    This is a very special Minecraft seed, with no duplicates. It consists of an ancient city with a complete inner wall. Players can easily explore both and find chests, libraries and even final portals. After clearing both locations, you can change the underground base.

    • Seed Code:-6542427500181432213
    • Old town coordinates: -1036, -42, 1124
    • Spawn Biome: Ocean
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    Ancient Dripstone City (Java)

    Ancient Dripstone City (Java)

    This Minecraft seed is a mix of drop rock caves in a deep dark biome with an ancient city inside The result is a unique environment with contrasting characteristics. Wardens often spawn in towns even if you’re in the Water Drop Rock Cave biome. However, the enemy mob from the cave can distract the warden, so you have a chance to escape.

    • Seed Code: 2817169686383787731
    • Old town coordinates: 488, -40, -600
    • Spawn Biome: Forest
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    10 Ancient Cities of Deep Darkness (Java)

    10 Ancient Cities of Deep Darkness (Java)

    A deep dark biome can only produce an ancient city. This makes collecting things boring, as you have to search biomes multiple times. However, this seed contains 10 ancient cities that can be found in a vast deep dark biome, forming a huge city complex. Players can travel between cities to collect all the desired loot.

    • Seed Code: 5146159088207717555
    • Coordinates of the nearest ancient city: -728, -44, -168
    • Spawn Biome: Plains
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    Fort next to old town with mineshaft (bedrock).

    Fort with mineshaft next to old town

    This Minecraft seed is similar to the first castle seed, but instead of appearing in the city, it is located above. The two buildings are connected by a mineshaft. Players can destroy both for valuable items, then rebuild them into a larger base, which connects land to land via mineshafts.

    • Seed Code: 3621868329803409107
    • Fort coordinates: -1452, -30, -860
    • Old town coordinates: -1448, -44, -632
    • Spawn Biome: Dark Forest
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    19 Ancient Cities (Stone)

    19 ancient cities

    If you want to explore ancient cities in Minecraft, this is the seed for you. It will take you to a world with 19 ancient cities. Some of them are the same, others combine to create a unique scene.

    • Seed Code:-2193811972289072796
    • Spawn Biome: Jagged Peak
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