Top free fire characters to use in Bomb Squad mode

Explosive team A very challenging ranked mode. Choosing the right skill gives you a huge advantage in battle. That’s it The best characters with the best skills available in Bomb Squad of Free Fire.

free fire Recently opened a new mode called Bomb Squad which has its own ranking system which takes place on the new map of El Pastelo with many interesting features such as a new request system to buy, random shops due to different gameplay, combat in Bomb Squad requires more than a simple Special character than battle royale. Below are the characters you should use while joining Bomb Squad in Free Fire

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    Hayato is a firebrand

    Hayato Firebrand in Free Fire
    Hayato Firebrand in Free Fire

    Assault characters are best played in fast mode, such as Bomb Squad. And Hayato Firebrand is one of the perfect choices. Hayato deals more damage to the user by increasing armor penetration and reducing damage taken. Skill range is based on HP and best suited for use in close combat.

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    the lion

    Leon's skills are easy to use
    Leon’s skills are easy to use

    Leon has a super versatile passive ability. Changes HP without being limited to anything. The highlight of Leon’s ability is his level – the amount of health regeneration increases gradually from level 1 to 6. Although 30HP is very low, it accumulates over time in long battles. Activation time is about 3 seconds. To activate Buzzer Beater you need to avoid battle for a while.

    Leon Bomb Squad does well in the fast-paced combat of free fire.

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    Homer's ability has a relatively high cooldown
    Homer’s ability has a relatively high cooldown

    Homer is a new character in Free Fire OB34, with the ability to call a drone to dash 100m towards an enemy and create a 5m shock blast. The explosion reduces the movement speed of all enemies in the radius by 60% and fire speed by 35%. On top of that, it does 25 damage. The slow lasts 5 seconds and has a cooldown of 90 seconds at max level.

    In general, this skill is perfect when you form an offensive and is especially useful when the enemy is closing in on a group. Therefore, Bomb Squad players should choose him in close combat.

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    The minimap clue skill is great
    The minimap clue skill is great

    In normal BR mode, the map is too big for you to find enemies with Clu skills. But there has been a change in the bomb squad. The playground is confined to a very small area. Therefore, the Clue skill is enough to help you find all the enemies on this map.

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    the light

    Alok is one of the most popular characters in Free Fire right now
    Alok is one of the most popular characters in Free Fire right now

    Drop the Beat is a circle that increases healing for 10 seconds, especially useful when fighting Free Fire’s Bomb Squad. So, add Alok to the list when you play Fire Temple!

  • Above are the best free fire characters to play in bomb squad I hope this article is suitable for you.

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Update at 6:34 - 16/08/2023
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