Tivet race at Genshin Impact

Continent of Teyvat Genshin Impact has a long and interesting history with many happenings around the 7 Lands. Land of Genshin influence There are also some secrets that you will never know.

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    Mondstad – Land of the Wind

    Inazuma in Genshin Impact

    Mondstad is the land of wind and freedom. Genshin is the first village Ativa discovers after entering the world of influence. The wind god Barbatos protects and rules Monstad, but the people here rarely see him.

    Barbatos rarely appears because he hopes that everyone in his country will experience true freedom as this is Mondstad’s core principle. This village is designed based on real life in Germany

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    Liyue – Earth element of earth

    Genshin impressed Liuye

    In Liu, contracts and rules are the core values. Therefore, all residents and experts here participate in the descent ceremony once a year to receive guidance on the path of economic development from Nam Thanh – Morax.

    Liu was inspired by China. From food culture, music, customs to architecture, you can easily identify Liu.

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    Inazuma – Land of the Thunder God

    Inazuma in Genshin Impact

    Inazuma is the land of immortality. This is the most dangerous place to visit in Genshin Impact. The God of Thunder Raiden Shogun issued a Vision Quest decree because he believed that collecting visions brought Inazuma closer to immortality.

    You can see that Inazuma looks like Japan. At sunrise it has many islands, houses, food, customs and country style music.

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    Sumer – the land of trees

    Sumeru in Genshin Impact

    Sumer was the land of knowledge. Players will discover this new country in the Genshin Impact 3.0 update. God of the Dendro – Coming to Genshin Impact for the first time with characters like Kusunali Kolei, Dori, Tighnari…

    Sumeru India images are designed with abundant forests, deserts, beautiful cities and typical tribes of this country.

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    Jharna – land of water

    Waterfall, fountain

    After exploring Sumeru, Genshin Impact players will have the opportunity to travel to Fontaine – the land of the water element. Many NPCs in Fontaine reveal that it is a land of justice.

    Also, Fontaine had many fine artists and a talented engineer named Bertrand. This country is modeled after France.

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    Natlan – Land of Fire

    Natlan gets hit by Genshin Impact

    The Natlan were famous as a warrior race ruled by the fire god Murata. According to Barbatos, Murata is a bit difficult at times. This village will be unlocked near the end of the game. It could be similar to Spain or West Africa.

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    Snezhnaya – Snowy land

    Frozen ground in Genshin Impact

    The last village discovered on the continent of Tevat in Genshin Impact was Sneznaya ruled by the ice god Saritsa. Fatui’s headquarters are located here. Snezhnaya culture combines Russian and Italian.

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