Tips to play MapleStory M that every gamer should know

MapleStory USA This is the mobile version of the game “Dwarf Mushroom Adventure” which has taken the PC platform by storm. The game gives players childhood nostalgia with interesting fights, cute mushroom dwarf characters. Currently, MapleStory M on two mobile platforms, Android and iOS, released by “Big Man” Nexon, has attracted a lot of attention from gamers who like the MMORPG genre.

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Since its launch, many players have jumped into the colorful world of Maple. In addition to the usual character classes (including Dark Knight, Bow Master, Night Lord, Bishop, and Corsair), another hero enters the adventure, Dragon Master Evan. This is undoubtedly the strongest hero to join MapleStory M.

With newly updated characters and game events, MapleStory M has become an interesting and attractive game for many players. 5 Most Useful Tips You Should Know When Playing MapleStory M

1. How to control MapleStory USA game

How to control MapleStory USA game

  • You can move, fight and use all the skills and items on the screen using the virtual joysticks on the left and right of the screen. Move left/right with the joypad and press buttons simultaneously to jump Right, left arrow button rope, climb the ladder and go through the portal.
  • Combat: Players can create skills by tapping the large sword-shaped button and the small round button to select the required skill.
  • Auto battle: Sometimes you feel too busy and you want to free your hands for a while, use the button. automatically Your character will automatically destroy monsters, completing some simple tasks in the game.

2. Not only play alone, you can co-op and fight with your pets

Fight together and stay with your pets

Pets are useful creatures that fight maplers in the maple world. You can take advantage of normal and mountain creatures to play the game more effectively.

  • All normal pets have the ability to pick objects and other skills. They can also increase your character’s stats.
  • Mount Pet stops often and helps players throughout the journey. If you ride Dragon Mount (Mountain Dragon), you can easily fly to Maple World.

Fashion: You can make yourself more fashionable and stylish in Maple World by buying suitable pets that match your style.

3. Mir the Dragon – Dragon Master Evan’s companion

Dragon Master Evan and Mir are still together

Evan is popular with many maplers. Ivan was originally a farm boy and became a hero after meeting Mir, the last of the mighty Onyx dragons. Mir needs to cooperate if Ivan wants to be used. A special feature of Evan compared to other character classes is that he can use 3 types of skills including: Evan’s skills, Mir’s skills and Fusion skills.

Ivan can fight alone or with Mir. By taking advantage of various skill checks, mappers can deal more damage to opponents in battle. With Ivan’s hyper skills, you can enjoy the most amazing skills in MapleStory M!

Skills like “Summon Onyx Dragon” let you summon an ancient onyx dragon to help you directly in battle. Meanwhile, “Dragon Master” Evan rides Mir to destroy the monsters with powerful attacks.

4. Enjoy fusion skills

Take advantage of fusion skills

Efficiency is the main factor that makes Evan special. Players can win by using Ivan and Mir’s skills separately. However, you can also use the Fusion skill – creating a true collaboration between Evan and Mi for maximum effect. Fusion Skill is a skill combo that combines Mir and Ivan.

When you activate specific skills for Evan and Mir, the two skills will modify each other and generate powerful damage to defeat monsters. This combination of skills relies heavily on player control and timing. If you use the right skill at the right time, you can activate more skills.

5. Use recovery skills

Use comeback skills

Thanks to the combination of Evan and Mir, Evan has become the most beloved character class in Maple World. So, if you want to win the game, you have to take advantage of the relationship between these two characters. Also, one last useful tip for Evan is to use the return ability to instantly summon Mir to Evan. At that point, Mir will show a special ability to support your character.

Another great tip to make MapleStory M more fun

  • Split objects to get golden leaves or blocks.
  • Only upgrade rare or legendary ranked machines.
  • Use transformation to take advantage of broken items.
  • Focus on research to get ranking stones, power-ups and more items.
  • Participate in events to earn valuable items like Rebirth Tickets, Medals.
  • Go to the Events tab and get offline coins and rewards for participating (via the Challenges menu).
  • Complete daily missions to earn valuable items.
  • Get free treasure in Coin Shop.
  • Check Trading Station daily for great deals.
  • Play mini-dozens to grow faster.
  • Use the auto-battle feature in the mini-duozens.
  • Join a team or group for added benefits.
  • Upgrade equipment to help level up faster.
  • Earn high ranking items in Elite Dungeon Mode.
  • Earn accessories and gold leaf on Net Pyramid.
  • Continue to improve character stats by upgrading skills.
  • Pay attention to buffs and passive skills.

If you play MapleStory M, I hope these helpful tips will help you improve in this game and become a great player!

Update at 1:33 - 11/09/2022
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