Tips to play eFootball 2022 for beginners

How to play eFootball PES 2022 How? The article will guide you How to play PES 2022 Mobile For newbies

eFootball 2022 soccer game

the end Download eFootball PES 2022, don’t know where to start? Are you playing from all over the court, are your moves not going where you want or does your vision seem too narrow? This guide will solve all the above problems and help you perform your best in the field or lose as much as possible.

Do not change R2/RT to R1/RB

A new mechanism seems simple, but in PES and FIFA games, you can run or walk. Between these two ground conditions, you can sprint a little or completely. Everyone should press R2/RT. Changing it to R1/RB ignores all of the above. This is not a good idea. So be mindful of pressure when using it, especially when playing with the waist.

Do not use the left joystick continuously

As in shooter games, moving the joystick from left to right while aiming will be a “death sentence” for you. Same goes for eFootball 2022.

The left control button controls how close the ball is to the player’s feet. So you need to move well while dribbling if you don’t want to steal your opponent easily.

How to play PES 2022 for beginners

X/A is a “life saver” for you.

Typically, the pass button is used for “match-ups” when not in use, meaning that when it is held down, the defender mimics the player holding the ball. Block every ball that comes your way. it is Tips to play eFootball 2022 Useful when you want to block a pass, prevent your opponent from shooting at your target.

Pressing the pass/shoot button does not change the trajectory of the ball

A mechanic inherited from the PES games will be a problem for you if you haven’t played the previous versions. Note that when you press the pass/hit button, you have no way to change its path.

If you target the wrong position of the ball, your team can be disqualified soon.

To cancel R1/RB

You can cancel the shot/pass with this button. So, when you realize that you are aiming at the wrong place to throw the ball, immediately press this button to cancel what you have done.

Good players at cheap prices in eFootball 2022

You need quality players to build a good football team, especially if you want to beat other opponents online. At this point, you need to know the transfer prices of players on the market along with their stats and qualifications to determine which players are worth buying for your GP. Here are the best talented players at low prices in eFootball 2022.

Best soccer players under 45,000 GP

  • G. Buffon (GK) – 15,000 grams
  • Odriozola (RB) – 20,000 GP
  • T. Meunier (RB) – 22,000 GP
  • J. Tah (CB) – 32,000 gp
  • Danilo Pereira (DMF) – 32,000 GP
  • Alex Tales (LB) – 32,000 grams
  • F. Armani (GK) – 34,000 gp
  • T. Mings (CB) – 34,000 GP
  • Marcos Alonso (LB) – 34,000 GP
  • Gavi (CMF) – 39,000 GP
  • W Fofana (CB) – 43,000 g
  • E. Camavinga (CMF) – 43,000 gp

The best players are worth 45,000 GP to 60,000 GP

  • J. Speech-Prose (CMF) – 47,000 gp
  • J. Gomez (CB) – 47,000 grams
  • W. McKeenie (CMF) – 47,000 GP
  • Anthony Lopes (GK) – 51,000 grams
  • C. Aránguiz (DMF) – 51,000 GP
  • W. Barrios (DMF) – 51,000 GP
  • I. Gueye (CMF) – 51,000 GP
  • Mr. Ruley (GK) – 51,000 gms
  • Mr Bell (RWF) – 51,000 GP
  • K. Manolas (CB) – 51,000 GP
  • A: Lacazette (CF) – 51,000 gp

The above are just a few eFootball 2022 tips for beginners. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 21:15 - 10/09/2022
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