Tips for using Elytra in Minecraft

Elytra One of the most useful things to play Minecraft. That’s it How to Use Elytra Most Effectively in Minecraft.

Elytra in Minecraft
Elytra in Minecraft

Tips for using the best Elytra in Minecraft

  • Enchant Elytra with Mending
  • Flying with fireworks
  • Decisively change direction to slow down
  • Immediately the fireworks went off
  • Don’t forget to change the chest protector

Enchant Elytra with Mending

Elytra is a rarity found in a few places in late cities. Therefore, players should be attracted to this mending item for quick resolution.

Flying costs some energy and is replenished by killing some mobs. In addition, the player can also repair webbed items dropped by ghosts. This mob appears if the player does not sleep for 3 consecutive days in the game.

Cast the Elytra spell in Minecraft
Cast the Elytra spell in Minecraft

Lose 1 point per second while running. A pair of elytra have a strength of 432, allowing them to remain intact for 7 minutes and 12 seconds. This means Elytra’s Unbreaking III will allow players to install more than usual.

Flying with fireworks

Elytra only allows players to fly, not themselves. Players can explode fireworks using rockets to generate propulsion while flying.

This action increases the player’s speed by a time equal to the rocket’s flight time.

Missile rockets were developed
Missile rockets were developed

Decisively change direction to slow down

If the player slides too fast it will be difficult to land safely. The crash landing also caused extensive damage. To overcome this problem, it is better to reduce the speed and turn the hard hand. The faster the rotation, the lower the speed. Just focus on the target, then reverse direction when you pass it. By perfecting this technique, the player can land at high speed with precision on small targets such as the ceiling.

Immediately the fireworks went off

Those new to Minecraft need a launcher to launch Elytra into the air. However, if the player has the required number of rockets, they can fly anywhere by double-tapping the spacebar and then entering flight mode with the rocket. Then right click on the direction you want to go.

Chestplate in Minecraft
Chestplate in Minecraft

Don’t forget to change the chest protector

Elytra occupies the chest slot without mods and the player loses a lot of defense when using it. Therefore, it is best to remove items immediately when not in use.

Above are the best tips for using Elytra in Minecraft. How often does Elytra use Minecraft? Let’s share with offline readers!

Update at 16:23 - 04/10/2022
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