Tips for playing for beginners A survival game with interesting strategic gameplay. That’s it Tips for playing For newbies


Tips for playing for beginners

  • Always have the best tools
  • Choose the right skill and evolution for each stage
  • Avoid huge waves of enemy attacks
  • Do not turn 180 degrees
  • Don’t forget to pick up the items dropped by the monsters
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Always have the best equipment

On the Characters tab, you can see all the equipment you’ve collected. They have a different rarity. However, the unique instrument is good at one point. You have to remember that some things may be better than others, even if they are not exceptional. Therefore, you should consider a slow upgrade.

In principle, you can focus more on general articles, they can be useful in any situation. Also, if you already have some of the best tools in, you should prioritize them.

Equipment upgrades are also quite expensive in terms of coins, so make sure to prioritize important stats, such as weapons that increase attack power.

Choose skills to play in

Choose the right skill and evolution for each stage

In each stage, offers you a choice of different skills. Depending on the enemy you are facing and the stage make an informed decision. While some skills look good on the surface, not all are the same in different situations.

The main stage is for mobs: you can use guardians, forcefield devices or even drones (Type A and Type B). Also, boomerang or drill shots deal a lot of damage to enemies, clearing the way out of difficult situations.

Regarding the stage where you can’t reach the crowd: At this point, most of us want to take out the enemies before they get close. In this situation, Drill Shot and Lightning Emitter are best.

Good skills in many situations:

  • Drill shot
  • the shepherd
  • Thunder Blaster
  • Call the field device
  • Ronin Oroi
  • Eco-bracers (specifically Guardian)
  • energy drink
  • sports shoes

Avoid huge waves of enemy attacks

Avoid huge waves of enemy attacks

You should do this especially if you don’t have the right skills and path. When this happens, don’t be surprised or restart, you can just choose a good evolution or skill and go into battle.

Every time you face a large wave of attacks from the enemy, you must start running in a direction where you can avoid the monsters. At least take the crowded route. After reaching a certain distance from them, try to come back slowly, keeping a safe distance.

Collect items in

Do not turn 180 degrees

Don’t turn 180 degrees into hordes of giant zombies, as this almost always ends in death. Always look for gaps between herds of animals where you can walk – even if it seems like a small space, you can because the outline of the character is smaller than it seems.

Don’t forget to pick up the items dropped by the monsters

Basically 5 items are dropped in each stage: EXP, Coin, HP, Magnet and Bomb. Of course, there are other special tools with, but depending on your luck they are less common. Therefore, the article focuses only on the 5 main components.

EXP or energy gives you more upgrades, helping you achieve goals and exclusive passages for each section.

  • HP Pot: Blood determines your life in the game.
  • Currency: In-game currency for purchasing equipment upgrades.
  • Magnet: Absorbs what you see on the screen.
  • Bomb: Eliminates all enemies on screen.

Survival tips in game

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You can get free items every day in the game store, so stay tuned. Also, you can choose to watch ads to get free gems and coins. Alternatively, you can also use the code.

above Simple tips to play But useful for beginners. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 5:44 - 14/10/2022
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