Tips for playing Cookie Run: Kingdom for beginners

Cookie Run: State It is an interesting building and role playing game. In this article, we will explore Cookie Run: Quick Rules To Win Tips For Beginners Please!

Instructions for playing Cookie Run: Kingdom
Instructions for playing Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom Game Tips

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    Choose the server according to your play style

    Cookie Run: State There are 2 servers for you to start the game: Pure Vanilla and Hollyberry Pure vanilla players usually go far, so PvP content will be more difficult. Hollyberry is a new mode so you don’t have to face experienced opponents.

    if you want Play Cookie Run: Kingdom with friendsJust select the same server as them.

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    Don’t rush to upgrade the building

    Although upgrading buildings gives you raw materials like roll cake wood and sugar, don’t delay, upgrade slowly. This action helps you value products like Robust Access and Jellybean Jam.

    Cookie Run: Collect resources to build precious kingdom buildings
    Cookie Run: Collect resources to build precious kingdom buildings

    As you upgrade these production sites you’ll need more high-level items, however, the Bear Jelly Train and Tree of Wishes only require items when your buildings unlock them. High-level stuff is always expensive and a lot of work if you’re not well prepared.

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    Focus on developing production buildings

    Keep the buildings in production, so they’ll give you products even after closing Cookie Run: Kingdom. Better yet, instead of ordering items frequently, you should have a large inventory so you can use them when you need them.

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    Toppings are very important

    If the cookies lack energy, make sure they have plenty of toppings. First Cookie Run: Kingdom is the equipment system. Each topping raises different stats for the cake. Put a defensive topping on frontline cakes, a recovery topping or attacking healing and offensive cookies.

    Cookie Run: Kingdom has an interesting topping system
    Cookie Run: Kingdom has an interesting topping system

    Cookie Run: State There are 3 upper levels. Don’t invest too much in topping upgrades until you get topping epic size M because XS, S toppings are really useless. You can control the size and frequency of toppings by tapping Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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    Important treasure like cookies

    Apart from cookies and toppings, you have 3 treasures – wealth Each battle has its own uses. Some increase your defense or attack passively, while others block, heal teammates, revive members, or reduce enemy strength. 3 treasures are very important because sometimes, you need an extra layer of protection when fighting bosses in dangerous situations.

    Can sell assets Cookie Run: State On the team editing screen that appears before starting a level. The 3 hexagons on top of the cookie are your treasures. Don’t forget to equip and upgrade treasures when you get your copy of the Treasure Tree.

  • general, How to play Cookie Run: The kingdom will soon be conquered It’s not that difficult if you know the above tips. How do you play Cookie Run: Kingdom? Share with offline readers on!

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