Things you can do with turtles in Minecraft

Turtles in Minecraft It often seems useless, but that’s only if you don’t know how to use it. There are 3 things here You can do this with Minecraft turtles.

Turtles are a special mob in Minecraft. You don’t see them often. Generally, loggerhead turtles are found near water. Most players often ignore the turtle because they don’t know what to do with this creature. In fact, turtles are very useful in Minecraft. Here are some things you can do with turtles in Minecraft.

How to use turtles in minecraft


Fish tank in minecraft
Fish tank in minecraft

Having a large fish tank at home is great, it makes your home more lively. Turtles are one of the many animals that you can add to your aquarium.

Creating an aquarium is easy. You need a glass to hold the water and add some seaweed, kelp and other blocks inside.

Arado XP

Breeding turtles gives you a lot of XP
Breeding turtles gives you a lot of XP

You can earn XP by raising turtles and killing them. Each turtle drops 3 XP orbs. If you successfully raise, you can increase the number up to 7 XP orbs.

Tortoise shell

Make a helmet from a turtle shell in Minecraft
Make a helmet from a turtle shell in Minecraft

Turtle shells are used to make a special potion, the Turtle Master’s Potion. This potion reduces the player’s movement speed by 60% and also reduces damage by 60%. You can also use tortoise shell to make helmets. It has the same strength as an iron helmet.

When the baby turtle grows and matures, it leaves its shell with you.

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