The location of the blue gems in the deep rock is under the influence of Genshin

Find blue gems in the deep rocks of Genshin Impact An important part of research. That’s it Where to find Blue Gems in the Underworld when you play Jensin Impact.

How to find Blue Gems in the Underworld in Genshin Impact

Gensin is a deep rock of influence There are 9 locations including a blue gem. You need to collect them to complete a mission in this area. Here are places where you can find blue gems while playing Genshin Impact.

Blue Gem location map in Deep Rock in Genshin Impact
Blue Gem location map in Deep Rock in Genshin Impact

the blue towards
balance Inside a closed cave near the teleport point of the main tunnel. Find the mining key on the snake cave path to open it.
Haltaf to the serpent of destruction. First you need to upgrade the Lumenstone Adjuvant to level 6 to remove black sludge.
Bullywife Inside a closed room below the water channel. Use a rock-type attack to break through the door and enter the room.
There it is Near the south teleport point in the underground waterway. It is located on the tip of the island between two streams.
Harger fall forward
Hyglucog Walk through the debris and large roots south of the underground aquifer.
Rethel The road to the underground mine.
Roneth Beneath the shiny narrow hole.
Saraki said Stone place on hill near unknown monument.

Genshin effect to get Blue Gem in AbyssThe player must defeat the shadowy Husk at a high point.

Genshin shadow effect skins
Genshin shadow effect skins

How to use Blue Gems in Genshin Impact

Player Genshin Impact It takes 9 green gems to open the secret room in the underground mine. You need to open the room if you want to find a treasure that contains secret letters and many valuables.

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