The highest level to find all minerals in minecraft

The purpose of ore allocation in Minecraft This has been fixed in update 1.19. That’s it Best high level to find all minerals in minecraft.

minecraft minerals

Collecting ore is one of the most basic things Minecraft players do. It can be melted and cast into ingots for production. However, finding minerals is not easy. Each type can only be found at a few higher levels (level Y) and you won’t find some minerals by digging randomly.

There are many types of minerals in Minecraft: iron, copper, gold, red stone, emerald, lapis lazuli, diamond, nether gold, nether quartz and ancient fragments. In this article, I have listed as the highest level to find all minerals in Minecraft 1.19.

Higher coordinates have more minerals in minecraft

  • Diamond ore at level Y = -58
  • Coal mine at level Y=96
  • Level Y Gold Mine = -16
  • Level Y Emerald Mine = – 232
  • Mining lapis lazuli ore at Y = 0
  • Best places to get other minerals in minecraft

Diamond ore at level Y = -58

Diamonds in minecraft

Diamond ore is a rare mineral found underground. It is the only reliable source of diamonds. They are one of the most desirable minerals in the game, as diamonds are the main ingredient for crafting the highest quality tools and equipment in Minecraft.

They are usually found at the Y = -58 level above the bedrock level. Diamond minerals found below Y = 0 or in a dipslate blob are also replaced by other forms.

Coal mine at level Y=96

Coal in minecraft

Coal is one of the most popular minerals because it has a wide range of levels from 184 to 0 Players can find it at level Y 96, in the lower mountains

This is an important resource in Minecraft. Players can use coal to melt and light torches and fires. However, the player can use coal instead of coal.

Level Y Gold Mine = -16

Gold in minecraft

Although gold is not an easily usable resource, it is not necessary to build high-level equipment. From golden versions of foods like shiny watermelons or electric trains, players need gold to craft.

In general, level Y = -16 is a good place to mine gold. Note that this particular mineral can be released into the air. 50% of ore blocks produced are naturally occurring.

Level Y Emerald Mine = – 232

Emerald in Minecraft

Players can use emeralds to sell all rare items in Minecraft. It is beneficial for emerald growth. However, since it is a currency, emeralds are actually hard to find.

The most common layer of emeralds is found at the Y232 level of the hill. But high mountains are not common in Minecraft. Players can crush all high mountains to get emeralds. They are different from ordinary minerals and can be special.

Make sure you have the Fortune III Ax for efficient emerald mining.

Mining lapis lazuli ore at Y = 0

Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft

The importance of lapis lazuli is often underestimated. The player needs this special element to attract the object and get the blue color. For higher level spells you need more lapis lazuli. Fortunately, this mineral is usually found at Y = 0.

Best places to get other minerals in minecraft

  • Redstone Y-Rank = -58
  • Y = 232 grade iron ore
  • Bronze grade Y = 48
  • Y = ancient fragment of 15 no
  • Y = Nether Quartz No. 10-114
  • Nether Gold at level Y=15
Update at 4:43 - 10/09/2022
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