The Genshin effect is Ayato’s strength

in Genshin Impact 2.6, come away This update is the main character. That’s it The amazing power of Ayato Genshin’s influence.

Created by Kamisato Ayato of Genshin Impact
Created by Kamisato Ayato of Genshin Impact

What is special about Kamisato Ayato in Genshin Impact?

Ayato is a great water support character in Genshin Impact

It looks like Ayato Genshin Impact will be Jinkyu’s “rival” for the position of best water-type support character. However, unlike Xingqiu or Mona, Shui Vision uses his basic skills quickly.

The player can use Ayato on or off the battlefield using the character’s skills and elemental blasts. This allows the player to trigger reactions on Ayato in a DPS or support role. Ayato’s initial burst increases damage from basic attacks, which is especially useful for teams with Ganyu.

All of Ayato’s skills do AoE damage

When Ayato Soukai is in Kanka Realm, normal attack damage is changed from physical damage to the area affected by the water element. Ayato’s Clone Blast and Elemental Blast also do AoE Hydro damage so you can take down multiple enemies at once.

Overall, Ayato Genshin Impact will be the next meta character to overcome La’s futuristic background and other difficult content.

Ayato has many skills
Ayato has many skills

Maximum standard burst time

Ayato’s elemental blast duration, Kamisato art: Suiyu is now the longest in Genshin Impact. It lasted 18 seconds, 3 seconds longer than the current longest burst. This gives team members more time to react and activate attacks.

While 3 seconds isn’t great, it still affects rotation and DPS on the battlefield. This is very important in the context of LA, where the player has to race against time.

Ayato's elemental blast has the longest duration
Ayato’s elemental blast has the longest duration

Easy to set up and play

Ayato Genshin Impact’s main gameplay mechanic revolves around increasing base attacks. He is the easiest character to play in Genshin. Click repeatedly to reveal Ayato’s power.

Ayato also plays an important role in many ruins. The player can use the new Echo of Offering or Gladiator’s Finale / Shimenawar Reminiscence / Heart of the Depths on this character on the battlefield. Allows you to use your existing Ayato without waiting for a suitable artifact.

Flexible lineup adjustments

Since Thuy is part of the high damage vaporization reaction, Ayato is very flexible as a team. Its capabilities allow you to easily group based on different responses, from steaming to charging or freezing.

Above are the highlights of the current owner, the talented youth of the Kamisato family, and the Yashiro Association – come away. I hope this article helps you understand better Ayato Genshin influence.

Update at 2:33 - 11/09/2022
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