The best zombie games for mobile

Mobile zombie survival game Who has the most fun playing? Let’s see the list of Zombie shooting game with his friends Good and highly rated smartphone!

Zombie themed games are a must-try on Halloween, especially if we can’t have a big party because of the pandemic. These games always have a terrifying image with unforgettable survival challenges. If you are wondering how to choose a zombie game on your phone to play on Halloween, please check out the great suggestions below.

  • The best zombie themed mobile games
  • Dead effect 2
  • Dead Trigger 2
  • 2 to the deceased
  • Kill shot virus
  • last day on earth
  • Plants vs zombies 2
  • The Walking Dead: Our World
  • Not killed
  • Zombie Gunship Survival
  • Zombie Strike
  • Zombie Roadkill
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The best zombie themed mobile games

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    Dead effect 2

    FPS shooting game

    Dead Effect 2 is a first-rate FPS game with an impressive science fiction environment, ruined landscape, chaotic humanity where hordes of zombies are slowly destroying the world. As a fighter flying a warship you are forced to stand in a world war reenactment. We have heavy weapons with strong damage levels, many tools and skills to upgrade players’ stats. More than 100 defense equipment and armor, 40 types of weapons that can be upgraded to the highest level will definitely be a great experience for you, and there are many expensive details.

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    Dead Trigger 2

    Go on a mission to save the game world

    After the success of Dead Trigger, Dead Trigger 2 takes players to the depths to choose between life and death, of course, now they have to fight monsters to fight for survival in the end. Dead Trigger 2 game follows the same FPS style as Dead Effect 2, but also has its own features, we move freely in the big world to destroy zombies. The game’s graphics are more modern than Dead Trigger and have many interesting changes for players who like the zombie game series.

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    2 to the deceased

    Into the Dead 2 is a crazy action shooting game for Android

    Into the Dead 2 is a great choice for Halloween with a world ravaged by a zombie epidemic. Game In The Dead 2 is an endless running game, you play the role of a truck driver named James, James is trying to get back to his family when he hears that a zombie epidemic has broken out. However, it’s a never-ending journey when, on his way home, he encounters countless bloodthirsty beasts ready to tear James apart for meat. However, upon learning of his sister and his dead father, James must run as fast as he can to meet his dead father.

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    Kill shot virus

    Kill Shot Virus - Kill Shot Virus

    Kill Shot Virus is a first-person shooter game with realistic graphics, zombies pretend to look scary. We will fight against those who constantly attack us from all sides. Kill Shot Virus Game offers more than 100 different missions to stop the spread of a new epidemic that turns healthy people into killing machines. The game allows you to fight with other players online or form an alliance to compete with other opponents.

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    last day on earth

    Create a safe haven

    Last Day on Earth is a survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world, the world around you is now full of hungry people, they have spread to every corner of the city. The game environment is always exciting and suspenseful. Of course, Last Day on Earth is not an option for the faint of heart, this is a truly terrifying horror game for the upcoming carnival. In this world we cannot depend on anyone but ourselves to sustain life. The most important task of the player in the game is to try to collect the objects and materials scattered around and at the same time avoid the attack of zombies if necessary.

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    Plants vs zombies 2

    Plants vs Zombies 2 has an interesting story

    Plants vs Zombies 2 is a strategy game unlike any of the zombie games above as it doesn’t have a lot of horror elements. The player’s task is to use different types of trees and fruits to stop the zombies’ progress. Plants vs. Zombies Zombies 2 is not scary, but on the contrary, they look great. Of course for those who love the mobile strategy game series, Plants vs Zombies 2 is a good choice and has left an excellent mark so far.

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    The Walking Dead: Our World

    Pokemon Go style zombie hunting AR game

    The Walking Dead: Our World is an interesting survival game from the game series The Walking Dead. The Game The Walking Dead: Our World “follows” the famous TV game series with a zombie theme. We will hunt zombies like the new Pokemon Go game with AR technology. Of course, the interaction becomes more realistic when you have to take real action to fight zombies in this modern virtual reality world. Some famous characters from the movie also make the player’s experience more interesting.

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    Not killed

    There is no death game map

    Unkilled is a zombie shooting game with an interesting story. Players have a noble mission to save the world from zombies roaming the streets of New York. In the game you will join the United States Special Forces to join the battle with your teammates. The challenge will gradually increase, the more zombies you kill, the better your chances of survival.

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    Zombie Gunship Survival

    Distinguish between enemies and allies using the night filter

    Zombie Gunship Survival is a very cool Call of Duty style zombie shooting game. The battle will be an interesting experience unlike all zombie games, with majestic game space and top-down perspective. Zombie Gunship Survival has elements of action, base building, tower defense and even a little RPG. Not only do you have to maintain a base to keep everything in order, but you also have to defend yourself from the onslaught of zombies roaming around.

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    Zombie Strike

    Gather an army of warriors and fight the undead in Zombie Strike

    Zombie Strike is a strategic role-playing game where you build a team of warriors to destroy zombies. The player’s task is to gather a group of warriors who survived the zombie epidemic in Armageddon, fighting against thousands of dead people. You can choose from hundreds of companions, each with different powerful skills, to create a unique team Combine character classes, create unique strategic formations.

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    Zombie Roadkill

    Good mobile zombie game

    Zombie Roadkill is always at the top of the best mobile zombie games, providing a great arcade experience on mobile devices. Players control the character on their way to survive the apocalypse. You have to kill the dead, avoid death and shoot the zombies that jump into your car.

    This cute mobile zombie game is very reminiscent of Zombie Highway, a game that is no longer available on Google Play. Zombie Roadkill includes 10 weapons, 5 vehicles, a story mode, an endless mode and 7 different types of death. With a free game, closed content is already good, right?

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  • Here are the main headlines zombie game The phone is very interesting to play next Halloween season. I hope these games are enough to make you feel scared and scared.

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