The best mistakes to avoid when using Tignary in Genshin Impact

Tignary New favorite character is Dendro. That’s it Mistakes to avoid when using Tighnari Genshin Impact to strengthen this character.

Tignary of Genshin Impact

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    Incorrect genie update

    Tighnari’s game focuses on brute force attacks. Therefore, players should upgrade Tighneri’s normal attack before leveling up for the initial burst. However, many players always prefer explosives. Not a smart strategy.

    You should upgrade your heavy attack first, then basic skills. If you have enough materials to upgrade all talents to max, do it now

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    Waiting for the best remains

    You don’t have to wait until you get 4 pieces of Gilded Dreams Relics to build Tighnari. This character also plays well with other suitable relics. It’s a waste to try to get a bunch of ruins by lining up Tighnari before sending them to the battlefield.

    However, players can use some suitable relics for other buffs and learn to use and master Tighnari through combat.

    Don't use Tignari as the main DPS character

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    Use Tignari as main DPS

    Tighneri’s best role is quick DPS exchange. Before switching to main DPS or another character you need to set up main skill > main burst > 3 heavy attacks.
    When Tighnari is used as the main DPS, the team’s overall damage becomes weaker and less flexible. Instead, support him with strong early DPS like Ya Miko, Raiden Shogun, or Yelan.

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    Using the wrong skill combo

    One of the most common mistakes when using Tighnari is using the wrong skills. Heavy attacks usually last longer than gonorrhea. However, basic skills can help you solve this problem.

    During the active period of the elemental ability, Tignary takes less time to attack. Therefore, you should use this character’s basic ability before using 3 heavy attacks.

    Focus on Tighnari's main skill in Genshin Impact

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    Mastery of the underrated basics

    Since Spread Reaction increases Tignary’s damage, the Elemental Mastery index is very important for this character. Additionally, it is also useful for mass attacks and elemental blasts.

    This is why you shouldn’t underestimate this character’s basic power building skills. Don’t waste Tighneri’s attack on Genshin Impact materials.

  • above Mistakes to avoid when building Tignary when playing Genshin Impact. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 10:14 - 10/09/2022
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