The best free gun that can kill a bullet

Killing opponents with bullets is always the aim of the players free fire That’s it Free Fire Gun gives you quick one shot mail.

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    AWM is an amazing free fire gun
    AWM is an amazing free fire gun

    Although the free fire power of the AWM is reduced compared to other weapons, it is still an excellent sniper rifle. If it has additional accessories like a muzzle, it can hit targets at greater distances. This gun increases head damage. If the headshot is successful, the enemy should be killed immediately.

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    SPAS 12

    The SPAS12 is a good free fire one shot gun
    The SPAS12 is a good free fire one shot gun

    SPAS12 was actually very popular before Garena was dropped. It is used to counter the M1014 due to its long range and accuracy. However, Garena has now reduced them both, weakening them. When the M1887 came out, no one wanted to use the SPA12. almost forgotten

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    Charge Buster

    Temple Mount players can reload this gun by holding down the fire button
    Temple Mount players can reload this gun by holding down the fire button

    The Temple Fire Charge Buster surpasses the M1887 to become the most powerful one shot weapon in the game. When used, one hit is enough to instantly kill the target. But players have to practice to do that.

    FF Charge Buster Gun can destroy vehicles and stop bombs. With 2 shots, the player can shoot a jeep, a blue car and a sports car. Small vehicles like amphibious bikes can be blown up by a single bullet fired from this weapon.

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    M. 1887

    Legendary FF M1887 Gun Skin
    Legendary FF M1887 Gun Skin

    The M1887 is a double-barreled rifle with a long range and the ability to quickly shoot the enemy with 2 rounds. The power of the M1887 has long been the best free fire gun. This weapon is also difficult to use as the magazine holds only 2 bullets. If you miss and don’t kill the enemy, you can get killed.

    If you are new to free fire and not used to using guns, this is not an option for you.

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    Garena Free Fire M82B Rifle
    Garena Free Fire M82B Rifle

    Since its introduction, the M82B is still one of the most powerful free fire guns due to its ability to fire sticky bombs. This alone makes this FF weapon nearly invincible.

    The M82B actually has many advantages and is versatile enough to have many special capabilities. It has the same base damage as other sniper rifles with additional damage to vehicles and sticky walls. Using this FF gun, you can easily snipe enemies behind the glue bombs. This is very important in the mid and late game. Armor penetration will ensure that the power of the M82B remains the same at the end of the game.

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