TFT Season 7 Game Instructions: Du Long Gladiator Team

in DTCL Season 7, Olaf He is a very strong general due to his ability to sustain and deal good damage. Combined with the Gladiator and Dragon Warrior lines, this will greatly increase Olaf’s strength in attack and defense. The following article will guide you to play a combination of Do Long Gladiators to climb effectively.


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TFT Season 7 Game Instructions: Du Long Gladiator Team

party power

Overview of the lineup

Major party groups include:

  • Gladiator: Increases a lot of health for the whole party.
  • Do Long: Skill increases strength and stamina if not dragon race.


  • Great early game damage and resistance
  • Bleeding a lot
  • Getting to the top is easy
  • Champions, easily rotate match formations


  • Not very strong in the end

How to organize a team


Party generals include:

  • First line: Braum, Ornn, Sylas, Olaf, Shen
  • The route is as follows: Diana, Lilia, Pike

Depending on the team situation, you will need to organize the team so that Olaf can deal damage quickly and avoid getting killed early.

How to equip equipment

With this training, we should focus on getting things for Olaf, then Diana. Olaf will play the tank role and deal the main damage of the team.


  • Blood Sword: Grants the ability to steal great lives
  • Crazy Blade: Greatly increases attack speed
  • Clothing of Mercury: Immune to crowd control for a limited time


  • Infinity Sword: Increases skill damage and crit rate
  • Sword Sword: Healing
  • Lightning Crossbow: Lowers magic resistance and deals backline damage to enemies when using skills.

Best of luck to everyone in Do Long Gladiator Line on Season 7 of DTCL!

Update at 18:46 - 10/09/2022
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