TFT Season 7 Game Guide: Gunners Gladiator Team

in DTCL Season 7, Gunner – Gladiator A relatively strong combination of Gunner’s high damage ability, Festival and Gladiator’s strong resistance. Learn how to play gladiator shooter combos in the article below.


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TFT Season 7 Game Guide: Gunners Gladiator Team

  • party power
  • How to organize a team
  • How to equip equipment

party power

Major groups include:

  • Gladiator: Raise a team’s health
  • Gunner: Gives the ability to deal a large area of ​​damage


  • Ability to deal good damage in a wide area
  • Easy rotation of samples
  • Maintain a good score
  • The end game is very powerful if you have enough equipment


  • The backline is pretty weak, you have to be careful when doing Assassin
  • He had to rotate Korki as the main defeat of the team.

How to organize a team


Generals in the standard line include:

  • Upline: Sylas, Ornn, Illaoi, Tahm Kench
  • The route is as follows: Sena, Jinx, Corky, Gold

Depending on the composition of the enemy group, we have ways to organize or separate corners. But care should still be taken to arrange for Corky to handle losses comfortably.

How to equip equipment

This team doesn’t need a lot of equipment, we usually need to get damage stuff for Corky.


  • Rage Blade: Greatly increases attack speed
  • Death Note: Reduces the enemy team’s armor
  • Hand of Justice/Blood Sword: Grants the ability to absorb blood


  • Thorn Armor: Increases armor and reflects physical damage
  • Dragon Claw: Increases magic resistance and reflects magic damage
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I wish you success in the Gladiator – Gunner team!

Update at 23:49 - 16/08/2023
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