TFT Season 7.5: Changes in Mid-Season Update – Primary Region

arena of truth The 12.17 update is the first release Truth Arena Season 7.5 – The Mid-Season 7 update is much anticipated by many players Season 7 Episode 2 has many changes from normal to factions to make the game new and more interesting. Let’s find out the changes in Satya Season 7.5 through the article below.


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TFT Season 7.5: Changes in Mid-Season Update – Primary Region

Removal of ancestors

  • Dragon Training
  • banquet
  • the legend

Group added

  • Thuy Long: Water Dragon units gain AP and attack speed (3/6/9/12). Also, a Thuy Thach will appear on the field, every time General Thuy Long uses a skill to save energy.
  • Storm Dragon: Units in the Storm Dragon slot will be dedicated at the start of a match, giving Storm Dragon champions a random copy of that unit’s equipment, with bonus health that increases upon activation. Incompatible items and seals turn black and become the essence of the Storm Dragon.
  • Dragon of the world: Earth Dragon creates three special cells for champions standing in the damage reduction box.
  • Dragon Training: In each round, Mam will call her nannies: Heimerdinger, Tristana or Lulu. Summoned champions have the same groups/types and skills as last season, but have been adjusted to be stronger according to Mam’s abilities. Don’t just summon the old masters, Madame also learned from them. Heimerdinger will make Mam a Mage, Tristana will make her a Gunslinger, and Lulu will make her a Mage.

Heroes are touched

  • Aatrox
  • Tariq
  • ash
  • threshing
  • Shane
  • ok
  • name
  • Alice
  • Illaoi
  • to ascend
  • Orn
  • Niko
  • waterfall
  • pike

General added

Water dragon tribe

  • Malephite: Tier 1, Gladiator, Water Dragon
  • Talia: Tier 1, Mage, Water Dragon
  • Kaisa: Tier 2, Dragon Warrior, Water Dragon
  • Jack: Tier 2, Protector, Water Dragon
  • Seraphine: Tier 3, Wizard, Water Dragon
  • Zeros: Tier 3, Gunner, Water Dragon
  • Blue: Tier 4, Assassin, Water Dragon
  • Sohm: Tier 4 (7 Gold), Dragon, Mage, Water Dragon
  • Aphelios: Tier 2, Gunner

Fierce dragon tribe

  • Rell: Tier 2, Knight, Storm Dragon
  • Ranger: Tier 3, Assassin, Storm Dragon
  • Swain: Tier 4 (7 Gold), Dragon, Storm Dragon

other nations

  • Mam Mam: Tier 3 (6 Gold), Dragon, Mage, Dragon Train
  • Tomb: Tier 3 (6 Gold), Dragon, Guild
  • Earth: Tier 5 (8 Gold), Dragon, Earth Dragon

Other types of changes

  • Dragon Warrior (3/6/9) Takes Over (2/4/6/8)

  • Ngoc Long (3/6/9/12) changed to (3/5/7/9)

  • Crazy Dragon (3/6/9) Altered (2/4/6/8)

  • Dharma Protector (2/4/6) changed to (2/4/6/8)

New updated core

  • Measure Ni Shoes (Yellow): Thief’s Gloves will always give your champion items that your champion can use. Get a bandit glove.

  • As with scooping auto-spin, choose how lazy you want to be about optimizing the tool/rotation. When I got it, I just hit it with gloves.

  • Aim Mirror (Yellow, Diamond): Your units in the back two rows gain 2 attack range and 15% attack speed.

  • Diamond version gives unlimited attack range and faster attack speed. Olaf-no-spin guild for players

  • Dragon Empire (Yellow): If the team only has 1 dragon, dragon damage will kill champions below 25%.

  • Since dragons are no longer the only race, this heart takes you back to the middle of a previous era and is especially good for pigs (because Spike … he’s an empire too).

  • Stay Strong (Gold): Double gold chain bonus.

  • Age of Dragons (Diamond): If the party is all dragons, every 5 attacks from the dragon will shoot the dragons, dealing magic damage equal to 12% of the target’s maximum health. A mam mam and 2 random levels give 4 dragons.

Update at 10:52 - 10/09/2022
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