TFT Season 6: The Strongest Crew

Truth Arena Season 6 It gives players major changes to champions, gameplay and even some equipment changes. Let’s take a look at the powerful tools of TFT Season 6 in the article below.

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TFT Season 5.5: The Strongest Crew

disapproval: In DTCL Season 6, the HexTech Core Upgrade will see the appearance of legendary equipment created by Orn. Mythical objects are not included in this list due to their extreme power and unpopularity.

S position

  • Lightning crossbow
  • demonic letter
  • heart of ice
  • chain of atonement
  • Iron Solar Necklace
  • Zeke’s storm capacitor
  • Statikk electric knife
  • cup of energy
  • mercury element
  • A cloak of silence
  • Ghost swipe

a degree

  • Sword of Death
  • Angel Armor
  • communication
  • blue arrow
  • Sword of the Wind

Post B

  • monster slayer
  • Hextech Pistol Sword
  • Shojin, spear
  • sword of blood
  • Combined Artillery
  • infinite power
  • Runan’s madness
  • magic hat
  • Angel’s scepter
  • hand of justice
  • Steal the fork
  • Stone weapon beast
  • flame
  • Dragon Claw
  • blood armor
  • Thief’s gloves

I hope with the above classification, the players can choose the suitable equipment for the team for themselves.

Have fun playing!

Update at 12:34 - 11/09/2022
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