Tap Life World: Secrets of Tap World Game

Touch the living world This is the perfect fun game for kids and adults. when to play Touch the living worldDon’t miss the secrets found below!

Many interesting mysteries of Toka Life world are waiting for you to discover
Many interesting mysteries of Toka Life world are waiting for you to discover

Touch the living world Bringing you a big dollhouse with lots of cute characters. You can control, use items and raise pets. Also, you can let the character store things, change clothes, even hair, eat at restaurants… The best thing about Toka Life World is that you can play different games from Toka Office, Toka to Toka Boka. Tokar Hospital. Tap Kitchen and more.

In addition to bringing you an online dollhouse, Toka Life World also includes secrets from the aforementioned games. Here are some great secrets that you will find in this educational game.

Tap Life World Secrets You May Not Know

  • Loose clothing
  • animal of women
  • Secret crumpets

Loose clothing

Toka Life World's dream collection
Toka Life World’s dream collection

One of the mysteries you can find in Toka Life World is a very beautiful pheasant costume. You can find it at the Bop City Archive Center. When you get there, walk to the left until you see the No Sloth poster. Click it to get a lazy outfit.

animal of women

Another secret you can find in Bop City Shopping Center is Crockett – the lady’s pet. This creature is as beautiful as a cloud. In the center of the inventory, you’ll find a food path that leads directly to the warehouse door. Go to that door and open it. Then, remove some of the contents to see where the food bowl is. There are many places to eat in this area. You can easily find this place because there are signs of food bowls on the floor. Put it there, croquet will appear immediately.

Secret crumpets

Crumpets is a collection of small, cute and popular animals in the Tap Boca game world. While many crumpets are not difficult to put together, some species require specific items. The easiest way to find Crumpets is to go to the storage center under the manhole cover. Get up, you’ll get a nice crumpet.

However, to unlock Crumpet’s difficult quest, you need the help of the characters Jack, Nari, Rita and Leon. Also, these characters must put the appropriate items in the inventory to open the secret crumpets. Here’s how to get crumpets in Toca Life World:

Tap some crumpets in the Life World game
Tap some crumpets in the Life World game
  • Sloth Crumpet – Jack holds a cabbage in his right hand and a disco light in his left.
  • Nimbus Crumpet – Jay must hold potato chips in his right hand and a yellow game controller in his left hand.
  • Miz Crumpet – The girl must be there and hold a cheese pizza in her left hand and a rose in her right.
  • Poop Crumpet – This pet is unlocked when Nori holds a gold ornament in her left hand and a tissue paper in her right hand.
  • Octobox Crumpet – Rita needs this pet. He holds an octopus ornament in his right hand and a soccer ball in his left hand.
  • Paulina Crumpet – Rita had to hold the camera in her right hand and the binoculars in her left hand.
  • Nora Crumpet – Leon holds a green gem in his right hand and a pink pillow in his left.
  • Pasta Crumpet – Sunglasses in Leon’s left hand and a yellow cell phone in his right hand.
  • Crumpets Crumpets – You have to put all the crumpets on top of a big yellow pot.
  • Crumpet suddenly appears at the apartment with a suitcase and a car with a trailer.
  • Tailor Crumpet – Leon should have glue in his right hand and a box of markers in his left hand.
  • Salon Crumpet – Leon must hold the hairdryer with his left hand and pull it with his right hand.

Here are some interesting secrets you will discover while playing Touch the living world. Do you know more secrets of Tap World? Share with offline readers on Download.vn!

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