Summary of Minecraft game keyboard shortcuts

How to Change Perspective in Minecraft PC With very fast keyboard shortcuts. So, you should know Minecraft Keyboard Shortcuts For faster performance while playing this game.

Minecraft is an open world game where players have to do their best to survive from scratch in a harsh environment. In addition to knowing what to do in the game, players also need to know how to manage resources and use keyboard shortcuts to speed up gameplay.

Combining keyboard shortcuts with your mouse will help you get things done in a flash. In fact, Mojang is active in adding more hotkeys to the game to improve the gaming experience for everyone.

Hotkeys for playing Minecraft

  • Default key
  • Game Shortcut
  • Shortcuts for using item bags
  • Shortcut to Creative Mode
  • Keyboard shortcut in multiplayer mode
  • More shortcuts

Default key

A: Go left

D: Go right

S: Walk in the opposite direction

W: Let’s go

Space: jump

Shift trái: Pep

Control trái: acceleration

Game Shortcut

Chuột trái: Attack (press 1 time) / Destroy (hold)

Chuột giữa: Remove the block

Chuột phải: Use element / set blocks

Shortcuts for using item bags

Q: drop object

1- 9: Select item according to hotbar position.

Ctrl + Q: Throw everything away.

E: open inventory

F: Move hand to hold object

Shortcut to Creative Mode

2 lần Space: Flight Mode Switch to creative mode

X + 1-9: Download Loading Toolbar Activator

C + 1- 9: Saves the loading toolbar activator

Keyboard shortcut in multiplayer mode

Tab: Show list of players

T: Open the chat window

/: open command window (open chat window and type “/”)

More shortcuts

L: perspective

F2: Screen capture

F11: Enable full screen mode

F5: Switch between first-person, third-person front-facing and third-person rear-facing modes.

These shortcuts can be customized according to the user’s habits. Also, you can refer to some of the following non-resettable shortcuts:

Esc: Open the menu and return control to the mouse pointer. A player has stopped the game. Exit the chat window / enter the command.

F1: Turn on/off display (HUD)

F2: Use same F1 to take screenshot without HUD.

Chuột giữa: Scroll up and down while the Quick Bar and Chat Bar are open.

Shift + Chuột trái: Click on an item or stack and switch between inventory and stack.

Shift + Mũi tên lên xuống: Use this shortcut to place the server name in a special place when selecting a server while playing multiplayer

Minecraft is the most useful shortcut

  • Ctrl + Q – Get a stack of items – Normally, you get a stack of inventory items at once. Therefore, retrieving many items can be very laborious and time-consuming and annoying, as you have to repeat many operations. Instead, just click on a stack, then press Ctr + Q.
  • Shift + Right click – Mass production of goods.
  • F3 + Move – Open the hitbox.
  • F5 – Switch camera between FPP and TPP.
  • F3 + Q – List of all keybindings with F3.
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