Summary of GTA Codes, GTA Commands, GTA Cheat Codes in GTA San Andreas

Code GTA San Andreas It helps the players to easily experience the game whenever they face difficult situations. The article will summarize it for you Command GTA San Andreas Most useful.

Code GTA San Andreas

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is a world famous street robbery game series published by Rockstar Games. It has many versions with open content and an interesting shooting game. Prominent among them GTA Vice City And GTA San Andreas. has a tutorial for completing GTA Vice City missions. In this article, we will find out GTA San Andreas cheats.

GTA San Andreas is the 7th game in the Grand Theft Auto series. From the name itself, you probably already know where the game takes place. San Andreas is a fictional state. The theme of the game revolves around Carl Johnson (CJ) and the Grove Street Family Gang on their way back to a dominant position in the mafia world.

Overall, GTA San Andreas is not difficult for experienced players. However, for beginners, this version can be a challenge to overcome. GTA San Andreas script not only supports the game, but also makes it more interesting. So don’t be afraid to try it GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes Down below.

How to enter cheat codes in GTA San Andreas game

Generally in GTA, players can use the following methods to generate cheat codes:

  • Use the main character’s phone (press the arrow keys on the keyboard).
  • Enter the command directly while playing, if the command is successful, there will be a voice or a message line that will appear in the corner of the screen.
  • Press the ~ key (next to the number key 1) to open the command input interface.

GTA San Andreas game command

  • LXGIWYL – Thug Equipment (Level 1 Weapon).
  • KJKSZPJ – Professional Equipment (Weapon Level 2).
  • UZUMYMW – Nutter’s Tool (Level 3 Weapon).
  • YLTEICZ – Drivers that can be aggressive often cause problems.
  • COXEFGU – All vehicles have nitro batteries.
  • ZEIVG – All traffic lights are always green.
  • XJVSNAJ – The game scene is always at midnight (approx. 12 midnight).
  • CIKGCGX – Beach Party.
  • IOWDLAC – Black Traffic.
  • CPKTNWT – All nearby vehicles explode
  • AFSNMSMW – Ships can fly.
  • BSXSGGC – The car is back to its previous state
  • RIPAZHA – Driving that can fly.
  • ASNAEB – Clear all desired levels.
  • BMTPWHR – equipped for road vehicles.
  • ASBHGRB – Make the Elvis logo and branding visible everywhere
  • FOOOXFT – All armed.
  • YSOHNUL – The clock is ticking fast.
  • PPGWJHT – The game is fast.
  • BTCDBCB – Character becomes fat.
  • CFVFGMJ – Fog.
  • OUIQDMW – All weapons can be used while driving.
  • PRIEBJ – Funhouse Theme.
  • MROEMZH – Gangsters are seen everywhere.
  • MROEMZH – The city is controlled and disturbed by gangs.
  • BAGOWPG – Shows the bounty amount on the character’s head.
  • YECGAA – Equipped with jetpacks (personal rockets).
  • AIYPWZQP – Parachute equipment.
  • HESOYAM – Increases health, cools armor and has an extra 250 USD.
  • NCSGDAG – Easy access to all weapons.

GTA San Andreas Cheats is the most complete command game

  • JHJOECW – Giant Bunny Hop.
  • OSRBLHH – Increase desired level by 2 levels.
  • WANRLTW – Shoot freely without reloading.
  • BAGUVIX – Unlimited Health and Health (Immortal).
  • CVWKXAM – Unlimited Oxygen.
  • XICWMD – Go Stealth.
  • JYSDSOD – Become an athlete.
  • OGXSDAG – All attention is on you.
  • EHIBXQS – Attracting women to sport.
  • LFGMHAL – High Jump.
  • IAVENJQ – thrust.
  • AEDUWNV – You will not be hungry.
  • AEZAKMI – Get the desired command for the player character.
  • AFPHULTL – Ninja Theme.
  • OFVIAC – Turn the sky yellow orange at 21:00.
  • ALLSFMZO – Make the atmosphere darker.
  • AJLOJYQY – Everyone fights each other and owns the golf club.
  • BGLUAWML – Attacks with weapons of all other characters in the game.
  • PGGOMOY – Become an expert runner.
  • LLQPFBN – “pink” traffic.
  • AUIFRVQS – It’s raining.
  • SJMAHPE – Take out more people (using the 9mm pistol).
  • ZSOXFSQ – Create more people (using rockets).
  • THGLOJ – Limit traffic accidents.
  • IOJUFZN – riot mode (riot mode).
  • CWJXUOC – Sandstorm.
  • LJSPQK – Increase desired level to 6 stars.
  • KVGYZQK – Made the player character thinner.
  • LIYOAAY – Slows down the game.
  • BEKKNQV – All women will follow you.
  • JCNRUAD – Car collision caused explosion.
  • CQZIJMB – turns into a bloody banger.
  • RZHSUEW – turned into a golf cart.
  • EEGCYXT – Transformed into a bulldozer.
  • OHDUDE – An Army Airlift.
  • Jumpjet – became a regular plane.
  • AGBDLCID – Off-Road Vehicle
  • AKJJYGLC – converted into a 4-wheeled motorcycle
  • PDNEJOH – 96 Race Car
  • VPJTQWV – Race Car 07
  • JQNTDMH – Pickup Truck
  • AIWPRTON – Tank
  • KRIJEBR – Appearance of a limousine (vehicle with 3 compartments).
  • URKQSRK – Private Jet.
  • AMOMHRER – Container Truck.
  • UBHYZHQ – Garbage Truck
  • KGGGDKP – Sailing.
  • SZCMAWO – Suicide.
  • AFZLLQLL – what a wonderful time.
  • VKYPQCF – All Cab Nitrous, with L3 Bunny Hop.
  • BGKGTJH – There are only good cars on the road.
  • FVTMNBZ – All vehicles in circulation country.
  • GUSNHDE – The car moves very fast.
  • ICIKPYH – Sunny and windy.
  • MGHXYRM – Storm.

Code GTA San

  • slowly
  • SPEEDITUP: Increase speed.
  • Lone Kill: Gang Wars Open Everywhere.
  • Bettersteindoors: There are no spectators except gang members at the shooting
  • RocketMayhem: Recruit any member with a rocket launcher.
  • NOONECANSTOPUS: Recruit members with AK-47s.
  • WANNABEINMYGANG: Recruit members with guns.
  • LifeSabetch: Unlock the beach theme (change CJ’s clothes, pedestrians and traffic).
  • CRAZYTOWN: Carnival/open circus theme (CJ is a clown, pedestrians are mostly fast food vendors and clowns, transportation is mostly fast food).
  • LOVECONQUERSALL: The matchmaker theme unfolds (CJ brings in a set of storks, the passers-by are all storks and the whores follow CJ).
  • Hicksville: Open rural theme (CJ is a truck driver, pedestrians are people living in the suburbs).

The above article introduces you to the entire system Cheat command, the most complete GTA San Andreas game code. I hope with this little tip, you can play GTA San Andreas game more easily. And if you want to enter cheat code immediately, you can refer article with unique to enter GTA Vice City code.

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