Sumeru’s longest scene in Genshin Impact

Genshin is the pole of influence Very beautiful destination. That’s it You should visit when visiting Genshin Impact Sumeru.

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    Academy under Genshin's influence

    Sumeru’s most beautiful destination is Academia. Its unique architecture makes it one of the most impressive and meditative places in the city. The exterior architecture is very beautiful, the interior design is more attractive. Upon entering the Accademia, you will see a large fountain, twinkling lights and a mirrored ceiling.

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    Alcazar Castle

    Alcazar Castle under Genshin's influence

    Sumeru’s next location in Genshin Impact is Alcazare Castle. Players usually don’t go because it has nothing to do with the world, history, or the search for God. But you must visit this beautiful fort. Dori’s magnificent palace was designed by the talented architect Kaveh.

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    Pardis Dhyai

    Pardis Dhai on Genshin Impact

    Pardis Dhai is one of the most beautiful places in Sumeru in Genshin Impact. Because it is full of sacred things, this place is full of flowers and grass.

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    Tomb of King Deseret

    Tomb of King Deseret

    The Scarlet King was buried in the Tomb of the Scarlet King in the Sumeru Desert. Currently players cannot access this location. But you can expect Hoyoverse to bring more great content here in the next updates.

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    Samiel’s wall

    Samiel's wall

    You can visit Samiel’s Wall at Caravan Riba. There is a small town in the shadow of this huge wall. This unique natural wall protects the city from the sandstorms that wash over the harsh desert of the Sumeru Genshin effect.

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    To destroy the slave inside

    To destroy the slave inside

    Under Genshin’s influence, Sumeru’s Devantaka Mountain is in great ruins. Inside is an impressive construction that you can explore in Sumeru’s World Quest Aranyaka: Part II Dream Nursery. You can find amazing flower category here.

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    Mautimya forest

    Mautimya forest

    The unique architecture of Mautimya forest makes it look like a giant mushroom forest. You can use the 4-leaf sigil to fly and reach the top of the mushroom area. At night this forest becomes more sparkling and beautiful.

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    dream tree

    dream tree

    Like Inazuma’s Sacred Cherry Tree, Sumeru’s Dream Tree is also a place you should visit regularly. Players can exchange dendro sigils of these sacred Banrana trees for valuable rewards and rare materials.

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    the monkey

    the monkey

    Banrana is a hidden place, home to the Ornars – the beautiful cabbage-like fairies of the Dharma forest. All over Vanarana you will find many homes of these beautiful animals. It is a fairy land, only seen in Sumeru in Genshin Impact.

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