Steam Deck: Every Secret Keyboard Shortcut You Need to Know

Want to know how to take a screenshot or close the game? Steam Deck How? It’s so easy! this Steam Deck Keyboard Shortcuts Below will help you.

Steam deck at valve
Steam deck at valve

Steam Deck Valve’s amazing handheld console brings a Nintendo Switch with the power of a gaming PC. One of the best things about Steam Deck is that it is compatible with many PC games.

If you have a Steam deck, do you take the time to explore everything from software to hardware? Do you know the Steam Deck shortcuts to take a screenshot, launch the keyboard or adjust the screen brightness?

That’s right, you don’t have to fumble with menus to perform every task on Steam, instead use keyboard shortcuts. They help you use Steam Deck faster, more comfortably.

All steam deck shortcuts

What is the shortcut? function
Steam + B (hold for a moment) stop playing
Steam + XD Show shortcuts on screen
Steam + L1 Magnifier on/off
Steam + R1 Take a screenshot
Steam + L2 (Light Traction) right choice
Steam + R2 (Light Shoot) Click on the left side
Steam + Right Joystick Make your controller a mouse
Steam + right trackpad excited
Steam + right trackpad (click) Click on the left side
Steam + Pushes the left joystick up Increase screen brightness
Steam + Left Joystick push down Lower the screen brightness
Steam + Right D-pad Enter the key
Steam + D-Pad Down key tab
Steam + Left D-pad What is the escape?

Steam Deck This is a development product, so Valve may add more shortcuts in the future. You can use the Steam Deck shortcuts above to work on Steam or play one of the many great games on the world’s game stores.

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Update at 6:43 - 14/08/2023
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