Shortcut to play Hip Kha Giang Ho game

Hip Kha Giang Ho is a very interesting role-playing game. With realistic character creation, Next to the main character of the famous comic series of the same name – Hip Khak Giang Ho.

Hiep Giang Ho for AndroidHiep Khac Giang Ho for iOS

Like Hot Game PUBG, Rules of Survival, PUBG Mobile VNG, Hip Kha Giang Ho also has its own shortcut system to help players with in-game controls and manipulations. So I invite you to follow the list of Hiep Khac Giang Ho game shortcuts in the article below:

List of keyboard shortcuts to play Hiep Kha Giang Ho game

  • Basic keyboard shortcuts for Hip Kha Giang Ho game
  • Command in the game Hip Kha Giang Ho

Basic keyboard shortcuts for Hip Kha Giang Ho game

What is the shortcut? order
Ctrl+Draw party invitation
Ctrl+T Invitation to do business
Ctrl+C sent
Ctrl+R go for a run
Ctrl+D Invitation to join guild
Ctrl+E personal equipment
Ctrl + WILL Character status
Ctrl+O/Esc election
Ctrl+A the law
Ctrl+U mailbox
Ctrl+Y The shop is open
Ctrl+F karate
Ctrl+Q mission
Ctrl+G community
Ctrl+Z fresh
Ctrl+X Close Click (PvP)
Ctrl + CLEAR master relationship
Ctrl+I Function summary
Alt+L Spousal relationship
Print screen Take pictures of the game
Alt+N random chat
Alt+F Group chat
Alt+C happy chatting
Alt+B Chat buying and selling
Alt+G Guild chat
Alt+W Sound transmission

Command in the game Hip Kha Giang Ho

order order
/findparty Find a party
/ invitation party invitation
/ Trade transaction
/joinhouse Guild invitation
/ Rayhouse Guild Registration
/ remove Expulsion from guild
/ day Leave the guild
/ The teacher teaches Change clan owner
/ Home Transportation Move into community
/ request master About the teacher
/invites the student Bring the disciples
/ Leave the relationship Reject monastic relationships
/openshop The shop is open
/closeshop Shop closed
/ parts goodbye my love
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Update at 1:53 - 14/08/2023
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