Secrets of breeding wild cats, wolves, horses, foxes in Minecraft

Let’s start creating a beautiful world for ourselves in the Minecraft game, although the graphics are not as attractive as some of the current game series, but Minecraft has attracted many players, once played you cannot leave. Because when you play, you can freely express your personality and create your own world. Learned many tips, as well as tricks to play with words How to make basic things, instrument makingup to How to grow. And now we’ve made it easy for you to train dogs, cats and horses to help you create your own world.

How to control animals in minecraft

  • 1. How to control a wolf (wolf) in Minecraft
  • 2. How to control a wild cat (Ocelot) in Minecraft
  • 3. How to control a horse (horse) in Minecraft
  • 4. How to control a fox in Minecraft
  • 5. How to control a polar bear in Minecraft
  • 6. How to tame a goat in Minecraft

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1. How to control a wolf (wolf) in Minecraft

In fact, it is very difficult to master and train dogs, but in Minecraft game you can. In the Minecraft game, dogs have the effect of protecting you and creating scenes. Game dogs are very intelligent, they know when to sleep, when to rest and even when they need help.

You can train them, share affection with them and level them up. When the dog level, they become stronger and stronger, a strong bite, to protect well. So how to master them? Animal change to protect from danger?

Secrets of taming wild cats, wolves, horses in Minecraft

First, if you encounter a dog, use bones click Invite him to eat, if you see flying hearts, you have successfully domesticated, and they will follow you to help you clear the attacking mobs or attack the mobs that hurt you.

2. How to control a wild cat (Ocelot) in Minecraft

Wild cats are found in the forest, useful for chasing vines, but training cats is more difficult, you must have live fish. First show live fish. When it suits you right choice Well, remember to stay away from cats. Don’t move Because if you move, the cat will run away. After waiting the cat slowly approached and stopped Feed the fish until the heart pops out.

Secrets of taming wild cats, wolves, horses in Minecraft

So you have successfully tamed this wild cat! It is very difficult, you must have experience to achieve it, even if you show your heart, it does not have to be a master.

3. How to control a horse (horse) in Minecraft

Horses grow in plains and deserts. To control a horse, you first need a horse and a saddle. However, seals cannot be, but must be found in mines or caves, work hard to explore or travel to find places with a spawner. Caves usually have a spawner, next to that cage are usually some drawers with random stuff, if no one sees this cage you’ll find a genie and even diamonds.

Secrets of taming wild cats, wolves, horses in Minecraft

Once you’re saddled, move on Click on the left side To format, press LSHIFT To leave the hill, hold until the red heart appears, then you will control this horse. If you can train, bring a saddle and ride a horse and the key. So now you can ride a horse.

With the above tips, I hope you can easily tame wolves, horses and wild cats successfully. Also, you can discuss some of the following empire building games: Empire of Galadur, Elite Knight, Promised Land… Relax after stressful work and study hours.

Wild cat, wolf, horse breeding video tutorial

4. How to control a fox in Minecraft

Wolves in Minecraft are often seen in the vast and snowy forests of the taiga. The red fox is found in the typical taiga forest with giant conifers, while the white fox lives in the snow-covered biome. They usually go in small groups of 2 or more. This animal usually sleeps during the day and is more active at night. If you have minecraft foxes, the best way is to follow them during the day.

How to control a fox in minecraft

How to feed minecraft fox:

First, the player must find it during the day. Then the two wolves sleep next to each other and build a wall around it by raising two blocks to prevent their escape. You need to crouch while building the wall so that the fox doesn’t wake up.

Then feed the sweet juicy fruit to the fox. Berries are easy to find in all types of taiga forests in Minecraft. Ideally, you should have some food ready before the fox hunt. Wolves give birth when they are mature. You can easily separate the baby fox from the mother with a rope. It immediately follows the player and does not want to stay with their parents after a period of separation.

Players trying to control wolves without harming them or allowing them to escape may benefit from using an invisibility potion.

5. How to control a polar bear in Minecraft

How to tame a polar bear in minecraft

You can only find polar bears in the frozen population of Minecraft. You can use it to run, attack or defend. Polar bears are the most useful animals when playing Minecraft.

You can see all polar bear cubs and adults in the wild. Everything is under control. They usually move in a herd, up to 4 animals. The most effective way to control them is to target lone bears without a mate.

And because the mother bear is always fierce in protecting her cubs. So, you have to be careful if you want to control it.

How to tame a polar bear in minecraft

Basically, players need more fish to control polar bears. To do this:

  1. Craft fishing rods or steal them from villagers.
  2. Drop the rod into the water and fish.
  3. Polar bears are particularly fond of salmon. So, try to catch this fish as much as possible!
  4. Once you have the fish, feed the polar bears until the hearts above their heads are full. At this point, you have successfully tamed the polar bear.

6. How to tame a goat in Minecraft

Goats in Minecraft

Goats are one of your sources of milk when you play Minecraft. Right click on the goat with an empty bucket of water next to it to collect the milk. Unlike horses, you cannot ride goats. So this animal can do nothing but milk. However, they make your farm more attractive.

Goats are neutral minecraft mobs, so they cannot be controlled. However, you can learn how to breed to increase their numbers.

You can feed goats grain to put them in “gain mode”. If 2 goats are the same they can mate and produce offspring.

In general, this is the basic reproduction of Minecraft. Bees, Axolotl to chicken rearing, the process is the same, the only difference is the type of food for them.

If you hold the corn in your hand, the goat will follow you. This way you can join two goats. You can feed goats grains to make them grow faster.

Have fun playing!

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