Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact: What You Need to Know

Raiden Shogun Genshin will be relaunched in Phase 2 of Impact 2.5. Raiden Shogun Genshin Effect Capital is a powerful god with many skills that should not be ignored.

Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun

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Raiden Shogun’s Genshin effect ability

  • Bal Raiden Shogun’s Merit
    • Common Attack: Root
    • Basic Powers: Superior – Funeral Woman
    • Elemental Burst: Secret Art – Musu Shinsetsu
  • Raiden Shogun’s passive ability in Genshin Impact
  • Raiden Shogun Constellation under the influence of Genshin

Bal Raiden Shogun’s Merit

Baal Raiden Shogun A character that uses the 5 star power system. According to a source at Honey Hunter World, below is the newly leaked ability of Raiden Shogun’s Genshin Impact.

Common Attack: Root

  • Common attacks: Attack with up to five weapons in a row.
  • Deep Attack: Attacks the ground below while in the air, dealing damage to any enemies in its path and dealing damage on impact.
  • Strikes Given: Overhead slash takes some stamia.

Basic Powers: Superior – Funeral Woman

Raiden Shogun Genshin Impact deals electrical damage to nearby enemies and grants Lightning Eye to nearby allies. This buff tracks party members and makes coordinated attacks on main characters in battle. The attack deals Electro damage to the affected area and has a 0.9 second cooldown.

Elemental Burst: Secret Art – Musu Shinsetsu

This Throne God Baal casts AOE Electro and summons Sword Musu Isshin to use for a short time. When in the Musu Ishin state, all normal, charged, sinking moves are converted to electrical damage or elemental blast.

All moves heal party members and while in this state, Raiden Shogun also gains immunity and blocks electro-reactive damage.

Thunder God Raiden Shogun also has a special ability called Shogun Byakuzen no Rin, which activates when an ally uses Elemental Burst. Increases initial burst damage based on number of dispel stacks received. This stack depends on the amount of health used by an ally, up to a maximum of 60.

Raiden Shogun’s passive ability in Genshin Impact

  • Greetings without numbers: If a nearby ally receives an elemental sphere or particle, the Shogun gains two stacks of Byakugan no Rin negation. This effect can occur every three seconds.
  • All-conservative: Mora costs 50% less when upgrading weapons and swords.
  • Illuminati: 100% Mana Raiden Shogun deals 0.4% power damage per 1% charge and 0.6% more mana regeneration than Musu Isshin.
Boss Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun Constellation under the influence of Genshin

  • Inscription of threat: Shogun Byakugen makes collecting and disassembling no rin easy.
  • Property Ownership: When Musu Ishin’s condition ends, all party members except Raiden Shogun gain 30% more attack for 19 seconds.
  • Shinkage Pass: Leveling up Secret Art: Musu Shinsetsu 3, max 15.
  • Steelbreaker: While Musu is in Ishin state, the attack reduces the enemy’s defense by 60%.
  • Descendants of Shoguns: Transcendence Level: Belleful Woman at 3, up to 15.
  • Wish Bearer: While Musu is in the Isshin state, Bell’s attack reduces the cooldown of allies by one second on hit. This effect does not apply to balls and can only be activated 5 times per Musu Ishin.

Why will Raiden become Shogun in Genshin Impact?

Raiden is the perfect recharger

Raiden can act as a energizer for the entire team while using elemental blasts.

Alternative DPS and a great supporter

Raiden is the perfect support or backup DPS when paired with Genshin Impact, thanks to its ability to restore energy and boost burst damage.

Turn on the Burst character which consumes a lot of energy

Usually characters that require a lot of energy to burst are on the weak side. Raiden will turn this to his advantage by increasing the initial burst damage when a team member uses that ability, especially if it takes a lot. Yae Miko or Sara can benefit from Raiden Shogun’s energy recharge ability.

I was lucky

If you own a Raiden, you must understand how much it is worth for its great fortune. Raiden Shogun’s abilities increase to C2, C4 and C6.

Above is information about skills Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact. I hope the article will help you get an easy way to make Raiden Shogun Genshin Impact.

Update at 7:26 - 18/03/2023
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