Puppy Playtime Chapter 2: The Secret Ending You Probably Didn’t Know About

Chapter 2 Poppy Playtime There is a secret ending that not many people know about. Let’s find out with Download.vn The secret ending of Puppy Playtime 2 Please!

Puppy Playtime Chapter 2 is the main boss of the game

Chapter 2 Poppy Playtime Continuing the story from Part 1. The character starts at the Playtime Co. toy factory. You have to find a way out of this scary place. Mother Long Legs will appear, destroying the grabpack and simultaneously forcing you to collect enough train codes to get on the train to leave safely. Therefore, train codes are the main goal of the game Poppy Playtime 2.

This article will explain in detail the normal and secret endings of Puppy Playtime Chapter 2.

Normal ending of chapter 2 during puppy play

Normal ending of chapter 2 during puppy play

You can get all 4 train codes and order them. This code was provided by Poppy. You have to complete puzzles, defeat the boss in each challenge to get the codes and how they are arranged. You can then board the train, enter the train code in the correct sequence to start the engine, and exit the Playtime Co. factory. But as the train approaches the tunnel exit, Poppy suddenly changes his mind, changes direction and then accelerates the train. Then you have to hit the emergency brake to stop, but the train overturns and it’s game over.

This is the normal ending of Poppy Playtime 2 where you play the entire game and collect enough train codes from Poppy after solving the puzzle and killing the boss. However, this is not the only way to end the game. This horror game always has a secret ending.

Secret ending to Puppy Playtime Chapter 2

Pop Playtime Chapter 2 Secret Ending

By playing the game again with a different strategy, you will notice some differences from the first experience. This is the sequence of codes on the board. If you play in the station area first instead of going to the statue and Whack-A-Wuggy, you can always go to the train. But to run the train you need to know all the codes and their order.

What’s special here is that the ship codes, symbols and order are the same as in the previous game, but the order of the symbols after being placed on the ship is different. The code at the end of Puppy Playtime 2 is usually 2314, but in the second game, this code is wrong because the train doesn’t move.

What if guessing the code sequence succeeds without playing the entire game. Example of correct code here is 4312. In this article, the player does not participate in the Hack-A-Oogie and Hide and Seek and Mommy Long Legs challenges. Regardless, if the code is correct, the train will always start and take you to the end as usual.

So, to finish Puppy Playtime Chapter 2, you have two ways:

  • One is to complete all the puzzles in the game and get the code from Poppy.
  • The second is to try different combinations of codes to guess the correct code. This way, players can save half of their playing time, completing Puppy Playtime Chapter 2 in about 25 minutes or less.
Update at 23:37 - 10/09/2022
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