PUBG Mobile SPAS’12: Everything you need to know

SPAS’12 is a new gun in PUBG Mobile 1.9 beta Let’s find out with SPAS’12 PUBG Mobile 1.9 damage, stats and fire rate Please!

SPAS'12 Pistol in PUBG Mobile
SPAS’12 Pistol in PUBG Mobile

SPAS’12 review of PUBG Mobile

SPAS’12 is special purpose automatic rifle. This PUBG mobile gun uses a 12-gauge bullet. The game turned it on in previous tests. But then, SPAS’12 is not included in the game yet. Perhaps the development of this gun is over and SPAS’12 is ready to fight in the PUBG mobile arena.

Here are the stats for the SPAS’12 rifle in PUBG Mobile:

Initial damage

SPAS’12 has two shooting modes including semi-automatic barrel and sliding. Like the 12-round gun in PUBG Mobile, SPAS’12 fires 9 rounds per shot Therefore, it is difficult to measure the exact amount of damage you are noticing.

Total damage to a target depends on how many bullets hit the target completely, the distance between you and the target, and the target’s body part. Damage per bullet at zero range is 24 HP/shot.

This means you can take out level 1 armored enemies at a distance of 5 meters with one hit. But if the target is far away, between 6-10 meters and wearing level 3 armor, you will need 2-3 accurate shots to get it.

PUBG's SPAS'12 base damage is pretty good
PUBG’s SPAS’12 base damage is pretty good

sphere of influence

The best shot is within 50 meters. SPAS’12 damage is greatly reduced in PUBG Mobile when range is increased. Therefore, you should use this weapon for close combat and quick reactions during encounters. Do not use this gun for combat when the target is more than 50 meters away as the bullets cannot reach the enemy.

Rate of fire and reload time

SPAS’12 in PUBG Mobile has two shooting modes with different firing rates. Its magazine can hold 7 rounds per charge. In semi-automatic mode, its rate of fire is higher than existing pistols. It can fire 300 rounds per minute.


PUBG Mobile does not support SPAS’12 accessories. No muzzles or rounds may be used with this gun. You cannot add any additional reviews or reviews. Because SPAS’12 is better without accessories.

Update at 3:32 - 18/03/2023
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