PUBG Mobile: Places where mountain bikes can be found on Erangel and Livik maps

PUBG Mobile Launch latest updated mountain bike vehicles. It is a very mobile vehicle and has many facilities for players to move around. In the article below, we will find the mountain bike locations on the map of Arangel & Livik so you can find them easily.

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PUBG Mobile: Places where mountain bikes can be found on Erangel and Livik maps

Bike space in Erangel

Erangel is the biggest and most familiar map for PUBG mobile players. With a wide area and different terrains, Erangel’s mountain bike can be an excellent vehicle, thanks to its uncharacteristic engine, for running or transferring the bag. Here are some places where you can find this car in Erangel.

  • Stolbar: At Stolbar Hill, players can steal up to 3 bikes if they are the first team to parachute there.
  • Quarry North: Quarry North has 5 bikes ready for players to pick up.

Also, players can still steal bikes anywhere on the map such as Georgopol, Gatka, North Sosnovka Military Base, Mansion, North Yasnaya Polyana…

Livkey bike place

Unlike Erangel, Livik is a small map with mostly mountains and rocky terrain. Some places you can find mountain biking include:

  • Crabgrass: This is the map location of Vibrant Plaza in Livique, where you can buy mountain bikes.
  • Midstein and Blomster: These 2 places have a lot of bikes, you have to look hard to find them.
  • Gronhus, Gass, East Port, Iceborg, Holdhus and Lumber Yard are the many wood shack places where you can find mountain bikes.
  • Waterfall, Lupine Felt and Hotspring.
Update at 2:45 - 11/09/2022
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