PUBG Mobile: Better Kar98k, Mosin Nagant or M24 Pistol?

PUBG up to Mosin A slide-barreled rifle is invaluable in long-range combat. So in between Kar98k vs Mosin Nagant and M24What is the best PUBG mobile gun?

Kar98k, Mosin Nagant or M24 pistol better?

Basic Stats of Mosin Nagant in PUBG Mobile

  • Initial damage: 79
  • Firing speed: 1.9 seconds
  • force effect: 16000

With the introduction of the Mosin Nagant in PUBG Mobile since the 1.3 update, players have more weapon options for long-term battles. As powerful as the Mosin Nagant Kar-98K. The only difference between these two PUBG mobile guns is that the Mosin Nagant doesn’t require attachments to power up its range is great, it doesn’t really need much tweaking.

However, this gun is only suitable for use on Erangel and Vikendi maps. Players can deal a lot of damage to their target in one hit.

Currently, the M24, Kar98k, and Mosin Nagant are the 3 sliding barrel SR weapons not in the audition box. All designs and power figures are rated high. So what is the best option? Let’s find out with!

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Initial damage

Compare PUBG Mobile Guns

Kar09k and Mosin Nagant have base damage of 79 (when shooting a target with chest level 1 armor). Meanwhile, the M24’s initial damage is low, at only 75. However, in the first stage it is enough for you to finish off the enemy with a precise shot to the chest, neck or head of the target.

Additionally, the M24 body impact force is much higher than the Kar98k and Mosin Nagant. These M24 stats alert the enemy. This will further stun your opponent when hit.

Speed ​​and ability to throw the ball

Mosin Nagant and Kar98k have the same bullet speed – 760 m/s. However, this is still lower than the M24’s original bullet velocity of 790 m/s. Also, bullet size and firing power are two important things that make a gun powerful. The effective range of this SR is quite similar, but the zero distance of the M24 is longer.

In particular, the M24’s damage is reduced to 120m, while the Mosin Nagant and Kar98k’s damage is reduced to 100m. On the other hand, the M24 projectile is straight and the other two SR bullets are more curved. So, if you’re using a Mosin Nagant or Kar98k, you need to aim higher than the target.

Gunshots in PUBG Mobile

calm down

The M24 has more recoil than the Kar98k and Mosin Nagant. The one-shot song is quite stable in PUBG Mobile 1.3. Therefore, the accuracy is more. Also, you can lower the cheek pads to reduce the recoil of this gun.

Flies, ranges and accessories

The M24, Kar98k and Mosin Nagant support everything from red dot to 8x scopes. However, compared to the M24, the Mosin Nagant and Kar98k are better for targeting fly points.

A shot gun range in PUBG Mobile

The M24 has more accessory slots than the Mosin Nagant and the Kar98k. So you can increase the ammo capacity from 5 to 7 bullets for the M24. But the Mosin Nagant and Kar98k can use bullets to increase reload speed. All three are equal in this pattern.

As for spacing, the time between 2 shots is pretty long with the Kar98k and Mosin Nagant. Specifically, it takes you 1.9 seconds to fire the second bullet after the first M24’s latency is 1.8s, which is relatively low.

Above are the differences between the Kar98k, Mosin Nagant and M24 3 bolt-action rifles. I hope the article will help you choose the right PUBG Mobile gun.

Update at 5:24 - 18/03/2023
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