Poppy Playtime VHS tape location

in Time to play Poppy, you have to collect many things, one of them is video tapes, VHS recordings. Download.vn will shorten it for you VHS tape location during game puppy play.

Time to play Poppy A fun horror puzzle adventure game on Steam. You have to find a way to survive in this haunted game. One of the tasks to be done is collecting audio tapes or VHS tapes. Such old storage mediums are used to tell the story of the company’s Playtime and Drive How to play Poppy Playtime There is no need to find useful tapes, but if you are interested in owning them, read the instructions below

Note: Puppy playtime only has season 1 right now. VHS tape locations are listed by appearance.

Put the green VHS tape on while the puppy plays

House with green ribbon while Poppy plays
House with green ribbon while Poppy plays

After watching the opening video about Puppy Playtime, you can control the character. Go to the reception and remove the blue tape from the table using the interactive button. Take the TV tape and the green VCRT on the right side of the table. Put the tape on the VCR and watch the video.

Blue VHS tape location of Puppy Playtime

Location of a yellow VHS tape

Insert the yellow VHS tape into the player

Complete the security door decryption puzzle and go inside. Go to the table to find a blue VHS tape. Keep the blue VCR nearby. Watch the video on tape. It guides you to use your hands while playing with the puppy. So, don’t forget this blue ribbon!

The location of the yellow VHS tape of Puppy Playtime

Time to play Tape Yellow Poppy

Yellow Poppy Playtime Tape Set

If you want all the VHS tapes, look for the yellow tape in the engine room, where you have the red hand. The yellow VHS tape is on the second diagonal shelf closest to the door. Go behind the first shelf to get it Insert the tape into the VCR to open it. It is located next to the stairs that lead to the armory which you will pass when you get to the control panel.

Put the pink VHS tape on Puppy Playtime

Put the pink VHS tape on Puppy Playtime
Put the pink VHS tape on Puppy Playtime

Pink ribbons are available in the Make A Friend Room. Go over the weapon. After crawling near the carpet, look at the wall on the right, you will see pink VHS tapes. Also, feed it to the pink VCR to see what’s inside.

Gray VHS tape location during puppy play

Gray VHS tape of puppy play time
Gray VHS tape of puppy play time

After completing the chase scene with Huggy Wuggy you will receive the gray VHS tape. This article is located on the main scaffolding path leading to the Flower Gate. It is located in the middle of the last intersection tee. Take the tape and go right, put it on the gray VCR under the scaffolding.

above Location of all VHS tapes available on Horror Game Puppy Playtime. I hope this article helps you Find VHS tapes at Puppy Playtime simple

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