Poppy Playtime: How to solve puzzles in the Make-A-Friend Room

Chapter 1 Poppy Playtime Many mysterious challenges are waiting to be overcome. In this article, we will explore Download.vn How to solve the puzzle to open the room to make friends in Puppy Playtime How!

Build a room with a friend while playing Poppy
Build a room with a friend while playing Poppy

The game Puppy Playtime 1 introduces players to the Playtime Toy Factory after all its employees disappeared about 10 years ago. As a former factory employee, the player received a letter stating that they had not left Playtime Co. With an invitation to find out what’s going on there. Once inside, a giant Playtime icon named Huggy Wuggy greets you.Don’t let its cute appearance fool you, as there may be a bloodthirsty fiend lurking inside.

The factory during play is huge with many different rooms. After being abandoned for years, this place is really chaotic, dark and scary. But once there, there is no going back. You can just continue to solve all the mysteries.

Players must use grabpacks to solve puzzles and reconnect circuits to restore power to multiple machines during gameplay. After finding the grabpack in the security room, turning off the power in the lobby, you can enter the production room, where the world famous toys are made.

If you have the red grabpack and go to the carousel, you will go to a room called Make-A-Friend. The outer door of this room is locked with a sign that no one can enter without a toy! – There is no one without toys! The door seal allows you to scan homemade toys with the Make-A-Friend machine. So, first, you need to turn on the power.

How to start making friends while playing Poppy

How to Open a Make-A-Friend Room During Puppy Play
How to Open a Make-A-Friend Room During Puppy Play

To the left of the carousel in Puppy Playtime’s Make-A-Friend Room is the upstairs armory stairs. You can see a scaffold is missing. Use GrabPack to drag the missing piece to the opposite side. The pink tape to the right of the missing piece can be seen on the solid color VCR at the top of the stairs.

The fuse box is located at the end of the first part of the scaffold and the other part can be pulled to the middle. Pull the wire between the fuse box and the two posts in the center section, you can light the second fuse on the bottom edge of the scaffold. This action starts the Make-A-Friend machine. Then it shows your ability.

Pressing the start button starts the engine within seconds. After that, the three levers above the conveyor belt will light up. You can manually pull to activate it. It places the toy pieces on a conveyor belt, which sends them through the assembly machine to the finished product. Finally, you can place the scanner to open the door.

above How to solve the puzzles in the puppy playtime game Make-A-Friend Room. I hope the article is useful for you.

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