Poppy Playtime: How to Find Red Hand Grabpacks

Grabpack Puppy playtime is a must during playtime. That’s it How to find time to play Red Hand Poppy.

Huggy Wuggy is a scary monster for puppy playtime
Huggy Wuggy is a scary monster for puppy playtime

Horror games are a hot topic for video game developers and they show no signs of slowing down. However, create a game that scares players and makes them want to experience until the last minute to find out the truth. However, Puppy Playtime does just that. Among the many horror games that follow the famous jumpscare motif, Puppy Playtime stands out with its unique gameplay and interesting plot.

The story begins in an abandoned factory after all the employees mysteriously disappear while playing with puppies. You are invited to return here to learn the truth. Ko during the game. It looks like any factory, but the toys hidden inside can move, and even eat the players. Once you’re in, you can’t come back out without solving the puzzle. Red and blue hands are essential tools during puppy play if you want to escape this abandoned factory. They are also known as GrabPacks.

Almost every puzzle requires the use of a grabpack – a versatile bag with 2 raised weapons you must start the game with. Grabpack not only helps you pick up items over long distances, but also supports power line connection.

The Red Hand Grabpack in the Puppy Game can be found in the security room. It is located on the left side of the front desk. But first if you have hands you will see blue. This hand will help you enter the factory. However, the game has puzzles that must be solved with both hands. And Red grubpack in hand while playing Poppy Where? Let’s find it together with Download.vn!

How does eating poppy make hands red?

Poppy finds a red hand while playing
Poppy finds a red hand while playing

As soon as you enter the toy company, you will see Hoogie Woogie standing in the middle of the room. There are several other rooms nearby, but there are 2 doors that can only be opened with a hand sweep. The door on the right has a blue and red hand scanner, but the door on the left requires only the green hand to open, however, opening this door causes a power outage, so the player must enter the power room with the key in Hoogie Oogie’s hand. After the power returns, go back to the center room, enter the room only needing the blue hand to open. At this point, Huggy Wuggy is gone so don’t worry too much.

Go into the hall, on the left you will see door number 5. Go up the stairs and find a large crane with a control panel with 4 red, blue, yellow and green switches. However, these switches do not have fuses and you will have to find them. Specific areas are as follows:

  • The blue fuse is located directly to the left of the control panel.
  • The red fuse is on the right side of the lower conveyor belt. You can see it before jumping into the hole in the railing.
  • The yellow and green fuses are located on either side of the room, to the left of the carousel, where you’ll find two hand scanners The green switch is on the floor behind the stack of boxes next to these hand scanners, and the yellow switch is on top of the boxes.

After collecting all 4 fuses, and then placing them on the control panel, the crane will lean down and pull a glass box from the other side of the room. Fell off the conveyor belt. You will get red hands in the box for completing the GrabPack.

Having two hands makes it easier to defeat monsters in the game
Having two hands makes it easier to defeat monsters in the game

You now have enough blue and red arms to explore the rest of Horror Game Factory Time to play Poppy and knowledge

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Update at 8:37 - 18/08/2023
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