Poppy Playtime: How to Decrypt a Safe Room Door Lock

Time to play Poppy The game gives spine chills to the players as they get to know the company. But to get inside you have to break the password of the security room.

Halloween Poppy is a great spooky game for playtime
Good scary game for Halloween – Poppy Playtime

Time to play Poppy A horror game that takes players on an adventure to explore an abandoned toy factory. After all the Playtime staff mysteriously disappeared 10 years ago, you play as a former employee who returns to find out what happened there.

In Part 1 of Puppy Playtime, you have to deal with Huggy Wuggy as a cuddly toy, but in reality he is very scary. Designed to hug forever, it’s no wonder Season 1 is called “A Tight Squeeze.” Basically, the player must find a way to escape Huggy’s deadly embrace by finding a way out of the factory for 2 raised weapons.

To enter Playtime Factory, you must activate the blue hand scanner located on the entrance door behind reception. It’s located in a hard-to-reach spot, so you’ll need to find a grabpack to open it. The grabpack is kept in the security room. If you want to enter this room, you need to know the password.

How to find the security room unlock code in Puppy Playtime

Password lock the front of the security room in the Puppy Playtime game
Password lock the front of the security room in the Puppy Playtime game

The security room door is color coded. You need to match 4 colors to unlock it and it is located in the gift room on the other side of the lobby

When you enter the gift room, you may see some torn or open boxes. Like the lobby, it feels completely abandoned. However, a model train above the player’s head still works. The street order is also the code to open the security room: blue, pink, yellow, red.

Go back to the security room door and enter the colors in the correct order above so you have entered the security room Here, watch the GrabPack trailer to see how to use it. After taping, the left panel of the TV will open with a blue hand inside. To get the red hands of Puppy Playtime, you can refer to the instructions on Download.vn.

After getting the blue hand, put it on the door scanner behind the front desk to enter the factory and start playing Puppy Playtime.

Update at 13:46 - 11/09/2022
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