Pokemon Go: Tate and Valentine’s Day 2022 Series Event Details

pokemon go There is always a special Valentine event for couples. Let’s find out more with Download.vn Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day Event Please!

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Pokemon Go: Valentine 2022 Details

The Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day event will include new challenges, rewards, and even some new Pokemon. The event was held after the New Year celebrations.

The Valentine’s Day event will start on February 10, 2022 and run until February 14, 2022. Thus, players will have enough time to meet unique challenges, missions and even some new Pokemon and limited editions

That’s right, like all the other events, this event will also see the launch of Pokemon Flababe, Float, and Florez Flower. Players can collect these three new Pokemon in five different colors. Three of them will be region locked, while the other two colors will be available through unique encounters.

New Pokemon aren’t the only things to look forward to during the Valentine 2022 event. There is also a new global challenge, which gives players a special reward when the total number of gifts reaches 70,000,000.

Pokemon Go players will also benefit from double time and double capture in lower modules during the event. In addition, players can participate in two new challenges in the Valentine-themed collection. Upon completion, the player will meet a pair of Freelish.

Pokemon Go Valentine

Since this is a themed event, you can be sure that Pokemon Go follows the process and lets players experience the theme through the Pokemon they encounter. You can expect to meet pink Pokemon like Chancy, Luvdisk, Miltank and more. You’ll also have many encounters with combo Pokemon like Plasley & Minion, Volbit, and Illumize.

Update at 6:28 - 11/09/2022
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