Nightstone location in Genshin Impact

Noctilucus Jade is a local specialty of the Genshin Impact. You need it Genshin Impact’s Nightstone To complete missions and level up different characters.

Genshin Impact location is Knight Stone

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The genshin effect One of the best open-ended role-playing games in the world and loved by many people today. Beautiful graphics, story-driven gameplay that combines monster fighting and interesting exploration, Genshin Impact has attracted many players around the world. All plagiarism controversies aside, Genshin Impact focuses on improving content with each update and has never disappointed fans.

One of the most interesting points of the Genshin Impact game is character leveling and resource acquisition. There are many materials that you can collect on your way to complete the mission. Specifically Genshin Impact Nightstones.

There are many reasons for losing it Genshin Impact Nightstones. It is an important part of the Big Business Quest, as well as a necessary leveling component for some characters. This rare mineral glows in the dark. It is valued as a special gem made from the evolved elements of the world.

Nightstone location in Genshin Impact

If victim Look for quartz at night To level up, upgrade or trade big with Liu, you can find it at the following places:

Liuye Cave

Before deciding to spend money to buy this mineral, the player can find Knight Quartz mines in the caves. Just take mine and the Genshin effect is the same as any other stone.

Knight Stone location in Genshin Impact

Mingun village

The most famous Genshin Impact location for the sword is south of Mondstad, around the area on the map that shows Mingun Village. It is located in the center of the entire Genshin Impact map, between the two areas below.

The player encounters a nocturnal quartz mine while resting on a rock. Thanks to the blue light that can be seen in the dark, you can easily see. Alternatively, players can also break some rocks here to open the cave entrance. Of course, you will encounter some dangerous enemies, but the abundance of these unique resources will give you the motivation to keep going.

Mingyun Village of Genshin Impact

another location

remember Genshin Impact’s Nightstone They are often found in mines, mountains and caves, you can use the interactive map below to reach and collect each marked point.

Genshin Impact's Night Quartz Point

How to buy Night Quartz on Genshin Impact

Those who don’t like collecting can buy Genshin Impact Knight Stones from NPCs. Liu is a merchant who sells rare minerals, including nite quartz.

Buy Night Quartz at Genshin Impact

Normally, a player can get five Knight Crystals from the Shitou Merchant every day. You can find it in the same neighborhood as the steel and restaurant. They sell Knight Quartz for 1,000 Moray each.

Above is the location of the Sword Nightmare Stone in Genshin Impact. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 11:48 - 11/09/2022
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