Mini World Map Editing Tools: Block Art

Tool Mode in Mini Words: Block Art It gives you the features you need to know to create beautiful cards Mini World Block Art is a map editing tool while playing.

Mini world map creation tool

Mini World: Block Art It is compared to the new generation copy of Minecraft. With a block-based visual design, the game explores a large open world and several interesting game modes, Mini World Block Art Beat many players in the world easily.

Compared to Minecraft, Mini World Block Art has more beautiful and attractive graphics. Also, the developer is very active in organizing themed events with many interesting gifts. That’s why the number of people playing mini games in the world is constantly increasing with time.

You can create your own favorite world in Mini World Block Art, experience desert survival, build your dream home and much more. Notably, the game allows players to manually design maps to enhance the gaming experience.

Tool mode in Mini World

The image of the map is very important in the game. A beautiful and attractive game map will attract many players to download the map. The mini world map avatar design is also very easy to configure, as long as you crop the image to the correct size for the current viewer. Specifically, the steps are as follows: Select the location of the screenshot > Open Settings in the upper right corner > Take a picture.

Cover art for the mini world map

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Mini World Map Editing Tools: Block Art

  • Editing interface
  • Toolbar and Backpack
  • Developer Tools – Developer Tools
  • place of origin
  • Plug-in system

Editing interface

Tool mode interface

At the bottom left are the arrows that control the character’s movement.

control area

The bottom right has character control buttons for jumping, flying, landing, and summoning the mount. You can control characters to move up and down using WASD keys on your PC. Double click on the SPACEBAR to fly and shift + the world

Action joystick in mini world

Toolbar and Backpack

The bottom editing interface is the widget bar, the button on the right is Backpack, click to open. You must place the item in your bag on the item bar to use the item.

Tool mode in Mini World Block Art

All blocks, tools and other things available in the system and shown on the map can be found in the backpack with customizable plug-ins.

Mini World Backpack

Developer Tools – Developer Tools

Mini World: Block Art There is a set of buttons in the top right corner. The development tool on the right is the main factor that creates the control chart logic. Developers can manipulate basic map settings, triggers, and commands with programming tools.

Mini World Map Development Kit

  • base Includes property settings for world, map, team, and player.
  • trigger Area to control map operations.
  • scriptures where the code is executed.

place of origin

The Resource Center is where you manage and share display and action resources. You can upload your own work to the server or resources uploaded by other players. This action allows you to save time creating resources, apply them to the map and quickly create your own game map.

Mini Worlds Resource Toolkit

In the Resource Center, you can manage files, upload resources to the server, and use them while accessing Mini World: Block Art on another device.

Mini World Resource Center

At the center of this category, you can have resources that you share with others.

Mini Worlds Resource Library

Place your product (shelf item) in the resource library:

Place items in the Mini World Resource Library

Plug-in system

Provides plug-in system programmers Mini World: Block Art A place to customize the management of blocks, creatures, equipment, recipes, kingdoms and more. Creators can create widgets that match the map and plot type required for the game.

The plug-in system offers a wide range of templates for animal and gear creators. They can change the parameters, properties and other values ​​of the model to get the desired results.

Add plugins to Mini World

For example, to design a large weapon, you must first prototype it and then integrate it with a plug-in system to manufacture it.

Create custom items in the mini world

The weapon model of the plugin offers 3 options: design, image and customization capabilities.

Mini world editing tool

Edit avatar on game map

Avatar Map in Game Mini World: Block Art is very important. Beautiful and attractive game card cover can attract many people to download. It’s easy to set avatars on the map while playing mini world block art. Just crop the photo to the right size. The details of each step are as follows:

World map minimap

Select the screen capture location > open Settings in the top right corner > take screenshot.

Here’s what you need to know Mini World Map Editing Tool: Block Art. If you know more information, please share with readers!

Update at 6:58 - 11/09/2022
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